Congrats on this epic movie hits $1B worldwide!
So happy about it !!!!! 
also can’t wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray’s coming out 2morrow !!!!! 

owing Sam Claflin an endless amount of thank you’s for playing my favorite literary character so beautifully. Finnick Odair is a complex character. He is hardened by the world, yet sensitive. He is indescribably strong, yet weak when put in positions when he needs to protect those he loves. He seeps out love, while also killing and doing whatever is necessary to keep the innocent safe. He provides humor & sarcasm while continuously coming face to face with the terrors of Panem. Finnick Odair cannot be described, cannot be labeled, and cannot be given the respect he (as a character) deserves. Yet, Sam Claflin wonderfully gave Finnick all he needed when he came to life. Although he had limited lines and scenes, he allowed viewers to see the complexity and beauty in the character of Finnick Odair and I will forever be grateful for this.