• what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: finnick odair is viewed widely as a superficial character who was only self-obsessed and okay with being a killer, but really he survived the hunger games as the youngest ever winner, went through that much trauma and survived at 14 years old, grew up to fall in love with an emotionally damaged girl who had gone through what he had, yet she had turned out more externally damaged, grew close with a sweet old woman, was willing to protect her with his life and literally physically carried her on his back in the games, despite the risk to himself, stood with the rebellion against the Capitol even though he was their darling, publicly defied and spilled secrets about the president, married that same damaged girl he loved even in the middle of a war and had a child who he never got to meet, helped a psychologically damaged and unrecognizable Peeta and defended him, protected his friends and team against the lizard mutts, and actually begged for Katniss to throw a bomb down where he was, because he knew that it would save her and the rest of the team, even though he would die.

More of Nick’s Kit kats X33 They are a little over a week old, so they still haven’t opened their eyes yet. I read that fox kits may not open their eyes until they’re around 2 weeks.

Jack: fluffy and soft…I never knew fox kits were this small!

Judy: Awww!!

Nick: So Fin, ever thought about having kits one day?

Finnick: Nah, I don’t really have the patience to raise any kits. Plus I’d rather not settle down. I’ll just deal with yours.

Nick: Eh, suit yourself. *smirks* 


For: Anon

Imagine: Being saved by Finnick during the Quarter Quell games.

You back away, fear in your eyes, you stumble over your own feet, falling over, this is it, the mutant monkey leaps at you, the world feels as if it’s in slow motion as you life flashes before your eyes, your parents, your siblings, your district, getting chosen for the Quarter Quell, meeting Finnick, and Katniss, and Peeta. You let out an agonizing scream as the monkey claws at your face and neck; you know that this evil creature isn’t going to give you a quick and easy death. 

You hear Finnick’s voice, but you can’t make out what he’s saying, you think he may have said your name, but you’re not sure. 

You make one more pathetic attempt at pushing the monkey off you, but once again, you fail. You let out another strangled scream and silent beg the Capitol to just let you die already. You squeeze your eyes shut and suddenly you feel the monkey being lifted off you. You struggle to get up, but once you do, you see Finnick wrestling with it, and finally getting rid of it. 

He helps you up and along with Katniss and Peeta, you leave the section, making your way back to the beach. Once you’re finally out you collapse onto the sand, Finnick comes and sits next to you, “You alright?”

“Why did you do that?” You ask.

“Do what?”

“Pull that monkey off me.”

“Because we’re allies, I had you save you,” He says as if it was no big deal.

“We’re allies Finnick, that means you help me, it doesn’t mean that you risk your life to save mine, I’m gonna die anyways, what were you thinking?!” You ask, keeping your voice from shaking.

“I was thinking, that if I kept you from dying, I’d get to spend more time with you Y/N,” He answers sadly, his voice strong, you look up at him in shock.

“W-what?” Instead of answering he leans in and gives you a small peck on the lips before walking away, leaving you there, in shock but strangely happy.

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