gr:fatal five

This Season is so Iconic

The Fatal 8 are the strongest alliance in BB Herstory!
All five members getting to final eight? I am shook.

Rougrotti being in a showmance but the alliance being so strong that no one questioned higher loyalty to each other

James being evicted after Tiffany found out that he was flirting with Natalie

Da'Vonne bringing the Fatal Five together to evict Frank after he sexually harassed her

Paulie being evicted after Frank after trying to push a showmance on Zakiyah! And her famous line? “I didn’t come here for no boy!”

Michelle and Nicole playing Andy’s game and throwing suspicion off of the alliance

Bronte and Bridgette getting Paul and Victor evicted in the double eviction

Bronte winning buyback and returning to evict Corey

This final 8 is so iconic and this was the best season bbus has ever had! Best group of women ever casted! BBCAN is shook!

Natalie and Tiffany are on the block on Da'Vonne’s HoH….they should be targeting Nicole :(