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03.15.2017 - Here’s a preview for the cover of my new Yuri on Ice doujinshi that will be released in May this year!! Soo excited! It’s Victor x Yuuri and R18 like it’s all just making out and more… LOL i will have more details and how u can preorder later but enjoy this for now :D

Info on new YOI doujinshi

So instead of flying solo, I’m collabing with @tumblngkori again, along with @koukounut and @ateliermuse! We’re shooting for end of May, and doing a PDF release like we did with Pair Skate.  No title yet. 
Contents (tentative):
- 16~18pg comic by me (post-canon, power bottom Yuuri, Viktor still in suit)
- pre-canon Yuuri/Phichit (fantasizing about Viktor) comic by Kori
- pre-canon Viktor/Chris (fantasizing about Yuuri) comic or illos by AtelierMUSE
- illos by Kou

All this is subject to change, of course, if real life rears its head. Again, 18+ only.

All my comic WIP posts for this one will be taggedLike You Stole It”.

Edited to add: couple of WIP panels already on my YOI twitter. You can see how rough my inks are before cleaning :U


Here’s the final part. first part here

Sorry for the delay. I rushed this so please ignore the mistakes >w<

I put a lot of effort in this doujin so I hope you like it >______<

Feel free to drop me a message! I will be very happy.


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Spoilers: Endgame #2

Ignis probably did need more cuddles as a child.

There’s so much more great art from this artist. If you need more temptation, you can see Ignis looking sexy on a bed.

Original Artist:

New Doujinshi/ Fan Book (FT Gakkō)

I want to make a paper version of this but
some time ago on Twitter I asked if there was
someone would be interested if I add pages regularly in Patreon.
I Resuming question here

Doujinshi Description:
Lucy returns home from the guild, Lucy writes a novel, Lucy takes a bath…
Lucy blah blah blah, BUT what if we instead focus on Natsu’s life here?
I must say it’s not really a easy life! Natsu has problems, and more problems, and big problems.
Who would have thought that the only one person who can save him is this blond hair beauty?
#drama #school life #romance #real life