══════════════ The Raid ══════════════

“Get my car ready and call the others!”
“What do I tell them, Boss?”
“Tell them we are going on a Raid!” The dark smirk on Jaejoong’s lips held nothing good.

“I’m gonna go play the cops!” Changmin chuckled, no one was better at confusing them than he was.

“On my way, Hyung!” Speeding through the city and not caring about red lights Yoochun made his way to their location.

“Will get the cops, Min didn’t get, off your backs!” The giggle that followed Junsu’s words was downright insane.

“I have the truck; waiting for you all. It’s going to be a fun ride.” That kind of Raid was exactly what Yunho loved the most.

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Never knew there’s a promo of 9095′s Korean version 

Back Again (Jaejoong Scenario)

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You stepped into the hot, steaming bathroom and swatted your hand in front of your face to get rid of some of the steam. You blinked a few times in an attempt to help focus your eyes. You looked around and saw that the source of the steam was Jaejoong taking a bath.

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“No matter how far we’re separated, we’ll come back together one day.”


What Junsu got for his birthday (2008)

the members prepared a very special gift to junsu

and the gift is??


and umma jae and appa yunho congratulate him

jaejoong totally needs one of those shirts

seems like the members did a good job afterall

never saw this vid till now XD