So we’ve made it to the 10th anni, which is a miracle because a lot has happened over the years. It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how much time passes we still garner hate from people who don’t like the fact that the bond of these two people is something that we’ve adored and still adore. I think on of the things I gained this year was really understanding how not to be brought down by negative commentary or haters, and its something I really want a lot of us to take in - What you love has no meaning on anybody else. And by that I mean nobody else has to love what you love, they don’t have to understand you and why you feel the way you do, getting hate/dislike does not mean you’re in the wrong or that you actually need to change or that you should be ashamed. 

As Yunjae fans some of us have been through the ringer! We were here for the heartbreak, the anger, the discourse, the tears - trust me I know, but we’ve also stood on the side of happiness. We got to watch of the best groups ever manifest and transition along with everything else. While I’ve met some terrible people because I’m a YJ fan that does not erase all the awesome one I met. Not every yunjae fan is like me, we don’t all have the same views or boundaries but thats never been a problem for me. 

I like to take YunJae day and remember all the good times and thank myself for being strong enough to go through this ride without hating anyone or pulling hard for one side. DBSK was the second fandom I got into and I fell hard - fast. Within that came my love for Jaejoong, Yunho and Yunjae. I’ve had people ask me with all the sadness that came if I had known it would happen would I have chosen to walk this same path and without a doubt, yes. No regrets, no hesitation because these things meant and still mean so much to me, they came at a very important time in my life. Thats why I’ve learned to not let somebody else interest/disinterest or hate influence my love for something, my joy in its existence. No amount of hate can erase the memories I’ve been able to gain, or the emotional response that I gained with them. 

Hate can’t erase Red Telephone Booths or Cartier Rings.

It does not eliminate the fact that Jae let Yunho live with him despite not having enough himself. Nor the factor that it seemed like they were supposed to be close considering how many times they got pushed together before even becoming DBSK. 

It can’t stop military reunions.

Hate does not stop me from listening to Tethered Ship, For you, or Nine.

The hugs, Changmin’s behavior, the praises, the secret handshakes.

I still get my envy on watching clips of Yunho fluff up Jaejoong’s confidence. Still get hype over JJ showing love to his Tat. Still appreciate the bts of Dangerous Love more than the actual showing. Still cheese and giggle at every sly moment, longing glance, lingering touches, and awkward situation.

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After all this time I remain a YunJae fan and I love Yunjae day because it gives me another excuse to spend the day staring at and celebrating these fools.

Back Again (Jaejoong Scenario)

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You stepped into the hot, steaming bathroom and swatted your hand in front of your face to get rid of some of the steam. You blinked a few times in an attempt to help focus your eyes. You looked around and saw that the source of the steam was Jaejoong taking a bath.

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