Sakura by Shinichiro Saka
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For the attachments on my vambraces I used leather straps, but since I needed to get my arm in I added elastic to one end to allow some stretch. When it’s on my arm there’s no evidence of the strapping which is how it looks in game. I’m really happy with how it tuned out.

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Blue Night "151231"
  • Jonghyun:I've always thought that a couple has a relationship for the purpose of mutual growth. That they have a positive effect [on each other]. But, if a relationship isn't like that, wouldn't it be better if they broke up?
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Love in Panem Presents: I've Loved You Forever

By @titania522

I’ve Loved You Forever - Valentine’s Day Outtake (otherwise known as Chapter 5)

Many thanks to @akai-echo for the exquisite banner, @mega-aulover, @thegirlfromoverthepond, and @akai-echo for their pre-reading magic. Thanks to @loveinpanem for hosting this challenge (yes, I realize I’m thanking myself - allow me a moment to be silly) and to all of you for reading the fruit of my brain.  Hope you have a wonderful day every day.

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“Let me feel her!” Prim said excitedly as she put her hand over Katniss’s stomach.  Katniss reclined against the large pillow of her sofa, the compact swell of her six month belly round and firm beneath her sister’s hand.  They’d found out the sex of the baby - a little girl, just like Peeta predicted - during her last ultrasound.  After several moments of resting her palm against Katniss’s stomach, Prim’s eyes widened and her other hand flew to her mouth.

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Danganronpa 3 Ending Theories

My theories on how the survivors escape the final killing game:

1. Hagakure contacts Kanon Nakajima  for help by telling her it’s her chance to confront the Future Foundation.

2. Hagakure contacts Togami who saves the day simply because he is THE Byakuya Togami.

3. Komaru, knowing of Naegi’s trial, goes to save him from the Future Foundation completely unaware of the craziness going on. Fukawa tags along because they are bff’s (bonus points if the Warriors of Hope help)

4. Hinata and the other survivors from SDR2 come to clear Naegi’s name and end up saving the Future Foundation, proving once and for all they are rehabilitated. 

5. Hagakure somehow manages to break into the building and save the day all by himself (not very likely)

160227 "Blue Night"
  • No matter how close I may be to someone I won't tell them all my secrets for fear they will be ashamed in me. Thinking that way, I'm becoming sad, thinking that I don't have any intimate friends.
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  • Jonghyun:Your real secrets are something that only you know the proper words for. No matter how close you are, I don't think it's necessary to tell all of your secrets.
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       Once I was hunted
                 Now I am the hunter

Warcraft: [Arthas[Kael’thas] [Anduin Wrynn] [Varian[Wrathion] [Jaina] [Alexstrasza + Deathwing] [Ysera] [Sylvanas] [Illidan + Malfurion]
Starcraft: [Kerrigan]
Diablo: [Johanna] [Tyrael]

151224 "Blue Night"
  • Blue Night Opening
  • Jonghyun:Being unable to avoid being single isn’t a bad thing, but probably a chance to build yourself more. So, I don’t think you necessarily should think of being single as being very lonely.
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