I used itslarsyouguys’s Sweater December request as an excuse to draw this. Usually my Sweater December drawings won’t be THIS intricate but i had the idea to draw this anyway so I just combined the two. Also putting off doing homework will result in better drawings, that’s just a fact. 

Beetee and Wireless sweater snuggling.

things people don’t remember about beetee:

  • he voluntarily went back into the games to aid in the rescue, knowing he might not live
  • he took a knife to the back and nearly bled to death
  • but hung on because he is a trooper
  • even after his best friend gets killed right in front of him
  • speaking of wiress—let’s talk about the fact that everyone else deemed her as insane but beetee never gave up on her and took the time to learn to understand and even speak for her?
  • devoted much?
  • obviously upset by her death, but barely lets the grief effect him because he’s got a job to do
  • he’s got wire, lightning, and less than two days as his only resources to configure a plan to break everyone out of the arena
  • but comes up with a plan anyway
  • which involves sacrificing himself, which again he’s going to do willingly
  • he only survives the quell because a fluke left him unable to complete his plan, thus leaving katniss to do it for him
  • he can’t walk for sometime after the quell because of his injuries and he carries on to help the rebels in special defense
  • he watched his best friend die during the quell and he carries on to help the rebels in special defense
  • all he was supposed to do was make katniss a bow to match her mockingjay uniform but instead he went above and beyond with voice recognition and special features and all that because he thought she should have something useful and special
  • he personally takes to preparing katniss for the propo in 8, with all sorts of gear she shouldn’t need since it’s a meet-and-greet with patients but he wants to be sure she doesn’t get hurt
  • beetee cares about katniss
  • he helps with the plan to free the victors from the arena
  • he researches hijacking after they find out what happened to peeta and joins that team to help treat peeta
  • let’s talk about how much he’s doing here? regularly breaking into a national broadcast system to air propos, designing weapons with gale, figuring out plans of action for peeta’s hijacking and whatever else people ask for without so much as a thank you
  • oh yeah and he goes to 2 with gale to help take the nut
  • where he disapproves of gale’s plan to exterminate all the people within
  • let me repeat that
  • despite it being the most sensible course of action, beetee puts down gale’s plan out of an interest in preserving human life
  • beetee cares about people
  • according to gale, beetee taught him how to detonate his explosive arrows despite him having a nightlock pill should he need to commit suicide
  • beetee takes an extra precaution to prevent gale’s capture
  • beetee cares about gale
  • his weapons were used without his knowledge or consent by coin to kill the medics and prim to sway katniss
  • again, beetee had no knowledge of coin’s true intents
  • beetee did not kill prim
  • despite everything the capitol has done to him and his country, beetee votes no for another games in the name of unity and preserving human life
  • NO
  • he goes back home with plutarch despite everything that will never be the same there (like his best friend being dead to start) to continue assisting with the rebuilding, within weeks (if not days) of the war ending
  • to recap:
  • beetee is brave
  • beetee is selfless
  • beetee has feelings
  • beetee analyzes the necessity of every drop of blood he has to spill
  • beetee is an incredibly strong, brave man and a beautifully developed character

things people remember about beetee:

  • he can build things
  • he’s smart