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The Mighty Gladers

You know who people don’t talk about enough in the TMR fandom? Jack. This guy was mentioned roughly what, 5 times? And in those short moments he 

a) helps poor Winston to the best of his abilities while close to dehydration himself, while no-one else would
b) becomes close enough with Thomas to be mourned by him,
c) was one of the first “minor” Gladers to be mentioned by name, and
d) dies one of the most gruesome and striking (pun intended) deaths in the series. Which is saying something.

He just could have been so much more, and it makes me sad.

Thomas and Minho sharing their deepest thoughts with one another during lunch breaks in the Maze. Thomas and Minho needing to sleep by each other, be it Minho curled at Thomas’ feet after the lightening storm, or Minho in the top bunk in the dorms. Thomas and Minho being able to communicate with one another simply with a look. Thomas admitting he’s in love with Minho. Minho replying with some sarcastic “no duh, dude” response, but then finally catching on when Thomas will Thomas and Minho kissing for the first time. THOMAS AND MINHO.