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MBTI Types In The Hunger Games

ESTP: Runs right at the cornucopia, somehow manages to survive and get away with some stuff

ISTP: Runs in the opposite direction of the cornucopia, survives on their own in the woods

ESFP: Runs right at the cornucopia, killed in the bloodbath

ISFP: Tries to hide on their own, and takes a defensive strategy due to moral struggles about killing people

ESTJ: Follows the plan they created with their mentor before the games exactly, killed by mutts

ISTJ: Runs at the cornucopia and gets matches and a canteen

ESFJ: Ringleader of an alliance, eventually turns on the alliance

ISFJ: Makes a tight alliance with one or two people, make plans to survive together, killed in a surprise attack

ENFP: Joins an unexpected alliance, makes it far in the games until the alliance dissolves, and then dies because they forgot to tie themselves to the tree they were sleeping in

INFP: Gets the mockingjays to sing obnoxious songs in an attempt to drive all of their enemies crazy

ENFJ: Ringleader of another alliance, somehow manages to keep everyone together

INFJ: Spends time alone, wandering in the arena, can survive the natural challenges but is killed by an alliance ambush

ENTP: Joins an alliance in order to manipulate them into killing the ENTP’s worst enemies

INTP: Discovers technical anomalies in the setup of the arena and manipulates them to their advantage in order to survive longer than most of the people in the games

ENTJ: Joins an alliance, but kills the strongest person in the alliance and then goes off with their own plan to survive

INTJ: Joins an alliance in order to manipulate them into killing each other