gr: nm

There are now members excluding Non-members from roleplaying, and when I call them out for it, they’re like “but ur a member so be quiet”

Members act like they were never non-members. We’ve all experienced our membership expiring (unless you’re spoiled by your parents), and when we first join the game, we’re non-members. Treated like shit by both AJ and Members. 

When I was a nm, I got kicked out of fashion shows, clans, packs, and parties, simply because I was a nm. And whenever someone hosts a non-member only party, members feel entitled enough to show up and wreck the place, harass the non-members that went there. I wasn’t even allowed to roleplay, one of the few things a nm can do, because I was a nm. 

And now that all these members are doing shit like “COYOTE PACK MY DEN” or “Needs babysitter for two kids and a grandpa! MEMBERS ONLY” When you call them out, they pull shit out of their ass like “well i’m in 2nd grade” or “BUT UR A MEMBER!!!”.

Please do not exclude non-members, a group on AJ who can’t do much of anything, from the things they can do


This is the funniest video I’ve seen all week.


sniffing lilacs by meegan