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okay but pureblood slytherin students during both wars:

  • Having to be careful about every little thing they do or say during school. Unable to even mix with half bloods and muggleborns because of the fear it will get back to Voldemort himself and put their families in danger because they are always watching.
  • Making a pact they they are loyal to themselves and only that. There is no room for mistakes when your family has sided with a homicidal dark wizard who will not hesitate to kill you if he sees fit.
  • Being so conflicted because even though their parents have bred blood purity above all into them, they cannot see how the first year muggleborns are going to bring down the entire wizarding race.
  • Seeing children turn to soldiers too quickly because the mark on their arm and the emptiness in their eyes has taken what’s left of their innocence. 
  • Constantly worrying about whether those they know outside of the protection Hogwarts offers are still alive or not and the fear of bringing attention to them preventing them from sending an owl their way.
  • Nights that were once filled with heated debates in the common room now be consumed by silence because most students are unable to conjure enough energy to speak anymore.
  • Having vile looks sent their way in the corridors, and almost everyone assuming that you are a death eater already or plan on becoming one.
  • Learning the hard way that even the strongest students have their breaking point when it comes to the Cruciatus Curse and wanting to vomit when the Carrows commend them on their “talent”.
  • Desperately wanting to fight among their peers in the Battle of Hogwarts but deciding the label ‘coward’ is much easier to bear than the possibility of killing a family member.
  • Feeling that ball of dread and pure terror in the pit of their stomach when Voldemort comes parading back with the body of The Boy Who Lived who was their only hope.
  • Sitting their children down before they board the train to Hogwarts that if they are sorted into Slytherin that it is not a house filled with evil pureblood supremacists and that yes, they have done bad things but they did them to survive.

I see all these posts about Slytherins protecting their Hufflepuff friends but where are the posts about Hufflepuffs protecting their Slytherin friends? We’re talking about the House whose traits are hard work, fairness and inclusiveness and whose symbol is a BADGER, one of the toughest and fiercest animals?? I mean tbh when I imagine a Hufflepuff/Slytherin interaction I usually see a lil Slytherin being bullied and this Hufflepuff comes out of nowhere and is all like




And when other people question the Hufflepuff about why they’re friends with a Slytherin they just shrug and say “What’s that got to do with it?”

Where are these headcanons.

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This is how James Potter feels about Wolfstar in the dorms, tbh.

“Pull yourself together, Potter. You can die later.”

“Come on, Scar-Head, keep it moving. Can’t leave the world without its Golden Boy, now can we?”

“Please don’t die, Harry. I didn’t mean later now, I meant later 100 years later.”

“I–I love you, you prat! That means you have to stick around, yeah?”

“What the–? I’m alive?”

“Barely. That werewolf nearly killed you, Potter. Be more careful next time.”

“Aw, Malfoy, were you worried?”

“Of course not.”

Colouring is not my thing, sadly xD

lil Remus headcanons

  • his socks are always holey within a week of him getting them 
  • he braids Lily’s hair while they talk about their crushes 
  • when he’s reading, he likes to put his feet up on the table (this irritates Peter to no end)
  • sometimes after a particularly bad nightmare he likes to go down to the kitchen and sit with the house elves and talk to them about their day and get the dirt on everything they see around the castle 
  • he needs reading glasses 
  • he spouts random facts in the middle of conversations and then somehow makes them relevant to the topic at hand 
  • his sweaters’ sleeves are usually way too long and he likes using them to smack his friends 
  • he’s very frank when he doesn’t like something 
  • he’s a messy eater - you can tell what he’s eaten recently by what’s on his cheeks and the front of his shirt
  • hypocritically, he’s always chastising the other boys for having food on their faces 
  • he bounces his leg when he’s anxious, which is nearly always 
  • he can’t stand the sound of people chewing so he researches a ton and learns a charm so he can mute it but still hear what people are saying 
  • he’s most ticklish on the bottoms of his feet, the inside of his thighs, and behind his ears 
  • he squeals when he’s tickled 
  • he experiments with fashion and gender roles and legitimately doesn’t care what other people say or think about it 
  • when he was young - up until 14 or so - he was very careful with books, always being gentle with the spine and using a bookmark, but he slowly progressed into marking them up and tagging favourite passages. he still cherishes special editions and books gifted to him though. 
  • he makes beanies for all his friends every year when school starts - just as the seasons are changing - and they’re the only non-costumey hats Sirius will wear 
  • sometimes he gets caught up in a book and forgets to go to bed 
  • he has poor circulation and scares his friends by how close he sits to the fire in the winter 
  • he’s sass-master of the Marauders (the only person who can out-sass him is Lily) 
  • he loves the smell of fresh coffee but can’t stand the taste. he still drinks it though. 
  • he’s easily overwhelmed by crowds 
  • Hagrid: *Saves Harry multiple times on a flying motorcycle and is the first person to ever be really nice to Harry*
  • Ron Weasley: *Tells a convicted serial killer he has to kill him too if he wants to kill Harry*
  • Hermione Granger: *abandones her family to help Harry and Ron*
  • Sirius Black: *survives 12 years in the worst prison on earth*
  • James Potter: *faces wizard Hitler without a wand*
  • Colin Creevey: Dies a teenager because he wanted to fight evil wizard Nazis*
  • Lupin & Tonks: *Die in the battle of Hogwarts and never get to know their newborn child*
  • Molly Weasley: *Cares about her family more than anything else and even faces a murderer to defend her kids*
  • Every member of DA: *break mutliple school rules, risk being expelled and being killed and defend Hogwarts and Harry's life mutliple times*
  • Severus Snape: *Bullies Harry and his friends for years*
  • Harry: "Severus Snape was the bravest man I ever knew".
marauders headcanons I love right now
  • British Indian James Potter
  • Remus Lupin smokes pot pretty much all the time to help him deal with his lycanthropy
  • Asexual Sirius Black
  • Sirius Black with a tummy because he always thinks he can eat as much as Remus can
  • Peter Pettigrew chose to become a rat because he knew it would allow him to transform more often than the others. He uses Wormtail to cope with anxiety and mental illness