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点灯 by quma
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Yashica Electro35 DX 40mm 1.7

I decided to watch The Blob/Final Arc of Car Boys again because I’m still not over it, and in episode 32 there is this little line of dialogue:

Nick: Do you want Inflated Mat (The Blob) or Large Hamster Wheel?

Griffin: I mean, both, I- we got all the time in the world, dog.

And it just. Hearing this and knowing they summon the Blob, only for them to be trapped in a Time Loop either with the separated ending/Candle in the Wind ending seven episodes later, is real sad. Like what would have happened if they picked the Hamster Wheel? Would they still have summoned the Blob? They might not have ever summoned it, and if they did the timing for finding the Wormhole and being trapped in the Time Loop may have never happened. They could still be fighting it if they didn’t summon the Blob right then and there. Hell they may have been playing with the Large Hamster Wheel and forgot the Blob was even there. Maybe it would have stayed dormant, and those two crazy car boys never would have been lost to time and space. 


Dear Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Aesthetically, these outdoor ads for “mood stabilizers” were interesting and inventive. Ethically, never let whoever worked on these ads work for you again, they’re disgusting and they fucking suck. Suicide isn’t a quirky way to fill up ad space! It also had absolutely nothing to do with the game, so you know someone just threw it in there for their own reasons and not because it was relevant to the plot.