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Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 48
Title: The (first Tumblr) journey
Date: 30th January 2013

The third and the last piece in the “self-reflection” series. Ironically, the hardest and the darkest period of my life gave birth to what is possibly the best fanart I’ve ever made.

This one catches my first Tumblr journey in its entirety… and also how it eventually ended. Yup, by the end of January that year I already made the decision to leave Tumblr, and put my life back together.

I must say I’m not proud of how I left Tumblr. Quick and careless, made a mess behind the scenes. It’s something I regret to this day but welp… we all make mistakes. But we should do our best to learn from them :)


Celebration pic of the suffer climb I did a few weeks ago. I tried something new again but was too lazy to finish Royalcharm’s final design so have this.. thing now?

aND I wanted to upload this earlier and go on SSO today but thanks to a huge storm (it lasted for like 10 minues but damaged the house’s roof and killed several trees in my street so yea) my internet went off and only came back now. I’m surprised it’s working today..

Tried out something different this time: I started working on this like I usually do (without any detailed lineart), but half-way through I decided to change that. It was quite challenging (I really struggled with her left arm… I hope it looks fine) but I really enjoyed it ^-^

Hope you like this look ;) Let me know if you prefer this or my lineless paintings!

Here are the WIPs, in case you’re interested:


-Lineless Painting

This second standalone graphic novel based on the film series is a new adventure that takes place shortly after the events in How to Train Your Dragon 2, during the period in which Hiccup is desperately trying to fill his father’s role as the chief of Berk. Created with the help of the film’s writer, director, and producer, Dean DeBlois, it bridges the gap between the second and third films.

Hiccup, Toothless, and the rest of the dragon riders encounter two deadly yet mysteriously linked threats: One is an island consumed by Dragonvine, an uncontrollable force of nature that’s poisonous to humans and deadly to dragons. The other is an all-new, all-terrifying dragon species–the web-spitting Silkspanners!

Coming everywhere on February 6, 2018.