gr8 graphics

mandatorybedrest replied to your post:why do ppl want hyper realistic games so bad. it…

it seems like modern developers are putting SO much effort into making sure you can see every single bead of sweat on the protag’s stubbly face that literally everything else is lacking. idgaf about graphics. tons of gr8 games have bad graphics.

i wouldn’t equate good graphics with realism though cause like. good graphics with great style is A+

i just dont care about realism. so many ppl want it and i just dont get it. it has never looked good and its boring as hell real life sucks


Going Backstage with the Cast of Heathers the Musical

“I see the crayons on your spot. Do you get into character as a murdering teenage girl by coloring?”

“Yeah. I think it’s appropriate. Yeah. Teenage girls, you know… They color, right? I think?”

“Yeah. Yeah, they do. Totally. Absolutely.”