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Y/N: Oh my god! 

Rocket: …y/n?

Y/N: You’re alive! And you can… talk? *crying* When you disappeared, I thought I’d never see you again. 

Rocket: You’re not getting rid of me that easily. 

Peter: *whispering* Who is that?

Rocket: This is y/n, they used to take care of me before I was taken away. Now shut up, you’re ruining the moment. 

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Character name meanings & languages of origin - The Great Comet

Observations: Most of the names are Greek, by either French or Russian variation, which likely comes from the fact that Russia adopted the Greek church. Natasha “not like other girls” Rostova is the only one with a name of Latin origin while Mary and Marya both have variants of Miriam, a Hebrew name. Some of the characters in War and Peace have names of more Slavic origin, but many of them are not aristocrats. Balaga is probably one of them but the meaning of the name continues to elude the internet.

I know the general consensus for Plumeria in the fandom is that she’s a badass, tomboy-ish character but fuck let me indulge on more feminine Plumeria. She can still be a badass and rock cute dresses and makeup. Dress came from this.


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Back in Evangelion hell, woop!

Me when I first heard of FE: Heroes: Oh man I can’t wait to see all these characters from past games!! Don’t know how I feel about the new characters tho :/ None of them seem interesting….. I’ll probably never use them :/

Me know: I’d die for Alfonse.