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Erasing Larry's asexuality/sex repulsed nature is up there with making Aaron straight/bi and Robert gay. 😔 (Also let's be real: Robert knows how he feels and is playing on it. It's why the fake bunk up can be seen as really sketchy.)


I saw the notification and was like GR18 gonna be another anon and instead you’ve blessed me with this beautiful comment.

EXO reacts to you breaking up with them in the heat of an argument

Xiumin: “I understand that you’re angry with me, but breaking up with me in the heat of the moment isn’t going to do anything for either of us.” He manages to calm you down and you then talk out your problems calmly now that you’ve gotten it out of your system.

Luhan: “Fine! Dump me! See if that solves anything!” He’s a Taurus. He’s stubborn. One of you is going to have to back down and lose this argument if you want to continue the relationship, and it ain’t gonna be him.

Kris: He’d expected you to fly off the handle eventually, but he hadn’t expected you to dump him in your rage. He’s so caught off guard that he has to take a minute to process it. 

Suho: He’d agree to break up because frankly, he’d had enough of you always picking fights with him over the smallest things. A few days later, you come back to your apartment to try to reconcile. “Stop right there, missy! You broke up with me! You can’t just change your mind just like that!” He’d still be upset, you’d have to prove that you really want to give the relationship another try and promise that you won’t try to pick fights with him anymore.

Lay: Well, fine then. To him, a romantic relationship was one where the two involved would be each other’s rocks and hold the other in place, always giving the other a place to return to. If you were willing to leave him over something so trivial, he’d let you go.

Baekhyun: He’d screamed at you to leave as soon as you shouted, “Let’s break up then!” You were in such a rage that you agreed that you couldn’t look at his face right now and stormed out the front door, slamming the door behind you. {Ignore Kai and Sehun}

You’d come back an hour later to find the house completely silent. You began to worry. You’d come back to apologize. Where had he gone? You checked every room in the house and found him in the bedroom, sprawled out on the bed with his feet up by the pillows. You crept closer and heard soft sobs and your heart sunk. You crouched by his head and gently played with his hair. He gasped and jerked up, wiping his face with his sleeves. “Y/N! I wasn’t… Oh God,” he’d groaned, knowing there was no hiding now.

“Baekhyun, I’m sorry. Please forgive me?”

Chen: As soon as you said that, he quickly walk out the door, startling you. Wasn’t he going to say anything? He’d go somewhere quiet like the local park and think things over by himself before he’d go see you again. He needed to know if this relationship was worth the trouble.

Chanyeol: “You can’t possibly mean that.” Yes, he’d been angry too, but he’d never thought of breaking up with you. Where had this come from?

D.O: He doesn’t have the patience for this. If this fight were over something serious, he’d talk it out with you. But starting a fight over his cooking was something that he is not going to deal with. He’d walk away and leave you to calm down on your own. “Come talk to me when you’re thinking rationally again.”

Tao: “Fine. Leave. But don’t expect me to just take you back when you regret your decision.”

Kai: You regretted the words as soon as they left your mouth. “You–You don’t really mean that, do you?”

Sehun: He loved you, but he was getting tired of this on-again-off-again relationship. This was the fifth time this year that you’ve broken up with him. “You know what? Yeah, let’s break up. For good this time.”

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