Chiacchiere di carnevale

Leggerissime,delicate,croccantissime e facilissime da fare.

Ecco la mia ricetta che faccio ormai da tanti anni,che mi aveva dato mia mamma.

250 FARINA 00-2 CUCCHIAI DI ZUCCHERO-25 GR DI BURRO SCIOLTO-1 UOVO INTERO-2 CUCCHIAI DI ANICE O RUM-1 PIZZICO DI SALE -VANILLINA -VINO BIANCO QB.(Io uso la planetaria per impastare con il gancio a foglia,ma si fanno facilmente a mano)  Unisco tutti gli ingredienti lavorandoli finchè non formo un panetto che  lascio riposare in in frigo per almeno 30 minuti.Passo  le porzioni divise sfogliandole con nonna papera,(sfogliatrice o macchinetta per la sfoglia) un pò come fare delle lasagne,lo spessore deve essere sottile ( io lo passo al penultimo scatto) le taglio poi a quadrotti con la rotellina e friggo in olio di semi,non troppo bollente…le prime che farete non verranno quasi mai,quindi continuate a friggere,tuffando e tirando su subito,si anneriscono facilmente. Per questo passaggio ci vuole un pochino di pratica.Lasciatele freddare bene su foglio di carta assorbente.Alla fine spolveratele con zucchero a velo,immancabile!


Akabane 1-chome, Tokyo by kinpi3

Langblr Recipe: Tiramisù!

Inspired by @hillanguagesidea

Ingredienti per 4 persone/Ingredients for 4 people

  • 250 gr mascarpone / 1 cup / 8.8 oz of mascarpone cheese
  • 100 gr zucchero / ½ cup of sugar
  • 2 uova / 2 eggs
  • Una tazza grande di caffè (freddo) / a mug of coffee (cold)
  • Biscotti (pavesini o savoiardi) q.b. / Biscuits (pavesini or savoiardi) as needed*
  • Cacao in polvere / Cocoa powder

Istruzioni / Instructions

  • Separare gli albumi dai tuorli. Mescolare i tuorli con lo zucchero e il mascarpone fino a ottenere una crema. // Separate the egg whites from the reds. Mix the reds with the sugar and the mascarpone until you get a cream.
  • Montare gli albumi a neve e incorporarli lentamente alla crema // Whisk the egg whites until stiff and incorporate them slowly to the cream.
  • Prendere una teglia quadrata o rettangolare. Stendere un po’ di crema sul fondo. Insuppare i biscotti nel caffè e sistemarli sulla crema. Oppure, sistemare i biscotti e bagnarli con il caffè usando un cucchiaio. // Take a square or rectangular cake pan and spread some of the cream at the bottom. Drench the biscuits in coffee and position them inside the pan. Or, put the dry biscuits in the pan and drench them in coffee using a tablespoon.
  • Dopo aver creato uno strato di biscotti, spalmare sopra la crema. Continuare alternando strati di biscotti e crema. // After creating a layer of biscuits, spread some of the cream on them. Continue filling the pan alternating between layers of biscuits and cream.
  • L’ultimo strato deve essere di crema. Spolverare un po’ di polvere di cacao e mettere in frigo a riposare per una o due ore. Servire freddo. // The last layer is cream. Dust with some cocoa powder and let it rest in the fridge for one or two hours. Serve cold.

* Is common to see q.b. in Italian recipes, it means “Quanto basta” (=as needed). In this case I can’t exactly tell you how many biscuits you’ll be needing as it depends on the pan, on the type of biscuits and on the number of layers you choose to make.

Yes, I made this. It’s a bit different because it also has biscuits all around and it’s more complicated to make, but it’s p much the end result!


20170422 Antique and Flea Market in Shitennoji-Temple [ Osaka, JP ] | 大阪・四天王寺 骨董市 by peter-rabbit
Via Flickr:
Ricoh gr ii

If the Lexs throughout the schoolyears were all in one room
  • Gr 1 : ...
  • Gr 3 : LOOK AT MY DRAWING!!!
  • Gr 5 : wow, that sucks
  • Gr 6 : wow thats mean
  • Gr 4 : hey! ( gr2 )!
  • Gr 2 : yea?
  • Gr 4 : you like minecraft?
  • Gr 2 : YEA!
  • Gr 4 : cmere! Im gonna teach you how to make a redstone and piston elevator!
  • Gr 2 : !!!!!!!!
  • Gr 7 : yall r dicks
  • Gr 5 : look whos talking
  • K1 : ( gr1 )? You okay?
  • Gr 1 : * is literally sobbing * NO
  • K1 : im gonna punch aaron!!!!dontworry!!!!
  • Gr 2 : aaron's a puta
  • K1 : BAD WORD!!!!* slaps (gr2) *
  • Gr 6 : god help me im stuck in these ropes
  • Gr 5 : wow thats damn edgy
  • Gr 7 : yall should get into Hamilton! You'll find a certain someone who'll take care of you!
  • Gr 8 : are you... talking about...
  • Gr 7 : Niko-
  • Gr 7 : What happened between you two?
  • Gr 8 : ...if only i could tell you...
  • Gr 4 : okay so now you put this torch here
  • Gr 2 : yes yes yes yes. y e s
  • Gr 6 : help me
  • K1 : * hears crying * oh noo!!! We forgot someone!
  • Gr 1 : who?
  • Nursery : WAAAAAAaaaAAAA KENDY!!!!!!
  • K1 : * runs up to ( Nursery ) * shh,, everything's okay, my dear anak.smorch smorch smorch
  • Gr 8 : * pats ( K1 ) *
  • K1 : hm?
  • Gr 8 : youre my favorite
  • K1 : whai?
  • Gr 8 : * uncontrollable sobbing *
  • K1 : >:00!!!!!

INGREDIENTES: Para 2 personas, 1 patata grande, 100 gr langostinos cocidos, 1 lata atún en aceite, 1 huevo cocido, ½ pimiento rojo de asar, ½ cebolla, 100 gr aceitunas negras deshuesadas, 3 pepinillos agridulces medio-gruesos, vinagre de Jerez, aceite de oliva virgen extra, sal, pimienta negra molida, pimentón dulce y 3 hojas de laurel.

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Στόχος #1
Κάθε βράδυ θέλω να κλείνω τα μάτια μου και να μου έρχεται στο μυαλό τουλάχιστον ένα πράγμα που το έκανα επειδή το ήθελα πραγματικά, ένα πράγμα πέρα από τα βαρετά εκείνα της ρουτίνας, αλλά το έκανα μόνο για μένα.

so as far as sentient evos go like,,, are there celebrity evos,,, like evo actors,,, like is there an online list somewhere out there in the gr universe of famous evos,, are there support groups for people who have lost family members bc of them going evo,,, ARE THERE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR EVOS,,, are tbhere any kind of laws protecting evos like i cant see killing someone whos an evo being considered a hate crime like are the laws and treatment of evos as fucked up as they are nowadays for oppressed people  wtf i cant stop thinking about this shit ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO OBSESS OVER EVOS SIMILAR TO HOW PEOPLE OBSESS OVER ZOMBIES LIKE A DARK MORBID INTEREST?? DO KIDS DRESS UP AS EVOS ON HALLOWEEN TO BE SCARY AND DO SOME PARENTS FROWN UPON IT?? ARE THERE ANY SPECIFIC EVOS THAT HAVE GOTTEN A  LOT OF ATTENTION IN THE MEDIA TO THE POINT WHERE EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THEM?? ARE THERE STORIES/MOVIES ABOUT THEM???MY MIND IS REELING HELP