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Littke kids tryna act like they're "progressive" when you dont know shit about what "progressive" actually entails or why its even progressive in the first place


Tryna act like you know everything really pisses me of
All of you people probably did not even understand progressive stuff until you saw gmw and now you wanna insult it
Literally learnt to fight for your freedom and yourself by being feminists
Gmw taught you that?
Some people did not even know anything about that
Or the fact that maya had to survive by herself and mother and felt rejected by her father all her life had to learn to grow (thats not progressive to you?)
Or the fact that FARKLE IS ALSO A JEW like your precious cyrus whos whole family was killed by nazis,
Shawn as a step father to maya (same as cyrus has step parents too)
Diverse cast
Diverse topics literally no other kids show talk about or even analyses communism or the importance of money and why it can be dangerous
Check your self and go relearn all the basics before you start claiming you know what is progressive and trying to insult a show which may have its flaws for a show that literally is doing the same thing and probably couldnt even exist if gmw didnt air 😑😐😑😑😑

This has been a rant about the idiots who keep pitting gmw against andi mack
Great on andi mack for being ‘progresssive" but you are literally making it look over rated get of your high horse
The show only started, its a GOOD show one that could be even better
GMW may have its flaws but there was a reason for why
The same fucking disney you keep worshipping is the one thats goanna end up slapping you all ‘progressive wannabes’ in the face
There i said it
I’m sorry if this sounds childish
But im so sick of having to feel like liking one show is hating the other
Get out of here with that gmw is not progressive shit
G et out of here with your andi mack is a better show than gmw because of a gay character
And enjoy the SHOW


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                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about more than your own safety.
                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about the greater good!

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