BTS reaction to their s/o not getting enough sleep


honestly seokjin would be worried for your health, not getting enough sleep is harmful and he would hope that your body wouldn’t adapt to staying up late. or, he’d have to actually give you a ‘bed time’

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(except the bed time he just gave you)


yoongi would have a bad routine himself, but to see it happen to you would break his heart. he would promise that if you went to sleep he would with you.

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this little ray of sunshine would worry for your health, sure he’s had his share of all nighters but he knew how much strength it would take away from you, so he’d create a plan to make you sleep early.

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rap monster

RapMonster being the lil shit he is (jk don’t kill me Mari or any Namjoon enthusiast) and I mean that nicely, jk he’d probs shove you in the bed and force you to sleep.

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Being the sweetheart he is, he’d worry about your health. And would ask what time you’d go to sleep and everyday ask if you could maybe sleep 30 minutes earlier.

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Taehyung is a sweetheart, again, and would probably take advantage of your all nighters once in in a while but once he noticed it was continuous he would stop his antics and help you.

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Since Jungkook is young, but smart he would understand that feeling of wanting to bottle it up, he knew you didn’t want to bother him. But he’d try to coax it out of you sweetly.

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