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hey you know what i have a confession

since it’s been two years and all (actually on june 11th but i digress)

so you know how i always say i’m european and it hurts bc i can never go to any gr/ump event (and why it was so mindblowingly awesome that i happened to be in LA when they had the gallery thing last year)? that’s all still true. but it hurts even more bc i’m not even on the mainland. i’m not the stereotypical “oh i can go on a roadtrip and be in another country in a few hours!” type of european

because you know what? i live on a fucking island that fucking sucks and fucking nothing ever happens on and fucking nobody ever remembers even when they’re doing world/europe tours

I’m Icelandic, y’all

anonymous asked:

Blake knows how important family to Gwen is, Gwen must be very happy he happily obliges and her family loving him back. I remember Gwen quote from very old interview (credit to you tysm) that she loves when GR go to family events, and (I figure) her family didn't even liked him all that much (they must have hate him now).

See, I don’t even know that ‘obliges’ is the right word here, because it really doesn’t seem like an *obligation* to him, y’know. I am totally in love with the Dennis/Blake and Todd/Blake love on her social media, though. The more open she is about how close they all are, the happier I am. I’m easy that way, lol. 

I remember looking at photos of him and the fam at Gwen’s parents’ house during that period WAY after February but before it was announced they were divorcing, and lordie, that must’ve been awkward and uncomfortable af, considering…

A Personal First

“Ogden Phipps' Personal Ensign produced her first foal, a Mr Prospector colt, on Feb. 15 at Claiborne Farm (Seth Hancock, president) near Paris, Ky. Champion older distaffer of 1988, Personal Ensign retired unbeaten in 13 starts in her career after she won the Breeder’s Cup Distaff (gr. I). That event was voted Race of the Year for 1988 by readers of The Blood-Horse. Personal Ensign is scheduled to be bred this to Danzig.”

The colt, later named Miner’s Mark, went on to win the 1993 Jockey Club Gold Cup, Jim Dandy Stakes, and Colin Stakes


“We Are The Champions” - Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Christina at 2:02)


[FANCAM] 150314 SHINee - SHINee World 2014 Special Edition Tokyo Dome (22VID) SHINee : 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) VCR: 1.) 2.) Onew Focus : 1.) Jonghyun Focus: 1.) Key Focus: 1.) Taemin Focus : 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) Ending: 1.) cr:z ying, p maruko, 芸能ちゃんねる, yeol byun,Rise Lee, GR Rosemary, Events Today, Hye Min Kim, Sica Flaming