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Slightly less dramatic we had a sub teacher in Gr 9 (gotta love a dumb sub teacher) who we convinced to drop English in favour of sport. We then found out she had the keys for the sports shed. Nek minnit a bunch of Gr 9 kids are running around the oval throwing javalins at one another...... good times

How to Achieve Chaos: Step 1

Soft high school tips from a recently (2 months ago) graduated person:

  • NEVER announce that you have food and/or gum unless you want to get mobbed and lose all food and/or gum
  • This is probably a given, but if your milk machine sells cheese like mine does, don’t buy it. It’s probably gross.
  • Always keep emergency cash in a place that’s not your wallet. Your phone case works well.
  • Sometimes caf food actually tastes good. But ask people’s opinions first or try their food.
  • Sometimes you will have bake sales. Never feel guilty for eating baked goods.
  • Try to join all the clubs that interest you. If you don’t like the vibe in the first three sessions, bail. Also: try not to swamp yourself with extracurriculars. School should still be your priority.
  • People who menstruate: don’t be afraid to ask for pads/tampons. People will 97% of the time lend you one without a second thought.
  • If someone at school offers you drugs or anything of the sort, politely decline. They’re really not going to care if you don’t want to do what they do.
  • Keep your pencils close and your ball pens closer.
  • especially in art class
  • looking at you Kean you little shit
  • You know when they have those back to school sales at Walmart? Yeah, buy at least 2 packs of lined paper. It’ll last you your entire high school life. 
  • Stay organized. Get those dividers, binders, use your agenda, put reminders on your phone, take notes even when the teacher doesn’t tell you to. Anything. Just stay organized.
  • Try to get as many of your classmates’ phone numbers/emails. It’s handy and will help you in the long run. (It’s also nice to he able to scroll through your contacts and see a lot of people, even if you only talk to like 5 of them)
  • Keep a plastic bag and tissues in your bag. You’ll never know what you’ll spill or have to carry home safely. 
  • especially in art class
  • You may not need this in Gr. 9/10 unless you do sports but bring an extra bag. Preferably the foldable ones or the nice ones you can get at the grocery. Use it to take some weight off your back that’s already being strained by 3 textbooks.
  • Speaking of textbooks, whenever it’s assigned for homework or reading I usually just take a picture of all the pages I need. This way you won’t have to take the book home. hacks
  • Don’t be that asshole that stands in the middle of the hallway in between classes. 
  • be nice to your teachers and they’ll be nice to you
  • If your school has a breakfast cart and offers free Cheerios, take the free Cheerios. 
  • When people ask you if you’re going to vote for them for grade/publicity/etc. rep just say yes to everyone.
  • spirit week’s pretty fun, just get into it y’all
  • something that helped: I was once told that at the beginning of the school year, everyone starts at 100%, not 0. It’s up to you to maintain that 100%, not try to climb your way up from 0.
How to survive high school (by a straight A and mentally ill high school graduate)

If this post isn’t a way to show that through 4 years of high school I have SUCKED at titling things then I don’t know what is.

Anyways, long-ass titles aside, this is a mini guide for kids about to go into grade 9, or any grade really, who want to prepare themselves or change themselves.

Cause boy do I know you change a lot through high school. Thank god. 

Don’t expect this to be formal, or funny (unless you have my sense of humour in which case I think it’s fucking hilarious but that’s besides the point), but hopefully it will be helpful. (tip 1; long intros like this are useless 90% of the times, this time being part of that 90%) 

1) Honestly you may as well just buy yourself two locks for your locker right away. Have one locking your locker, and the other on you or at home. My locks broke so many times, or I forgot what the combo was, I went through so many of those fucking things (except in grade 12, I just gave up and stopped using my locker even though that was against the rules at my school lmao)

2) Dressing nice can be fun and can be a way to motivate yourself to get up in the morning, but don’t stress about what others will think about how you’re dressed or how you look. By the end of the day everyone’s going to look like trash any ways, so don’t bother

3) Those guidance counsellors? Yea. Use ‘em. Even if they’re the worst people on the planet Earth, use them. They can help tell your teachers about your problems, or just give you a quiet place to sit for a bit. 

4) DON’T STRESS ABOUT THE FUTURE. Everyone’s gonna say “you’re in grade 9, you better start thinking about what you wanna be” and they’ll say that every goddamn year. But let me tell you. I knew from grade 7 I wanted to go to art school. I really wanted to be an artist. I applied to an art school this year, I got into that art school this year, and I declined the offer. In my last few months of high school I changed my mind. I decided that I didn’t know what the fuck I wanted to do, so I chose a program that’s sort of like English. TLDR; people change their fucking minds. So don’t stress about it

5) Now this may differ from country to country but Universities and colleges don’t look at your grade 9 or 10 marks. They don’t give a shit if you got a 20% on a test in grade 9 (which I did lmao). They will only look at 11 and 12, and really they only look at your grade 11 marks for early acceptances. If you have shitty grade 11 marks but good grade 12 marks then you’re fine.

6) Speaking of Universities, apply to every single one that you can. I applied to something like 10 different schools/programs. Some of them I didn’t even know if I wanted to go into them. Some of them were incredibly hard to get into and I was sure I wasn’t going to get in. But I applied to everything that caught my interest, so that I could have doors open. (and, as it turns out, the program I’m going into was one of those last minute ‘i’m not sure if i’ll like this or not but it sounds kinda cool so I’ll apply’)

7) Learn new study habits. The jump between grade 8 and 9 (and 10 and 11 so rip your 10ers) is insane. It’s normal for grades to drop a bit (or a lot @ my multiple failed tests in gr 9 lmao) but just take it with grace and learn which way of studying works best for you. (protip: figure out if you’re an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner. If you’re 2, or like me and all 3 of them, then your just have to figure out which subject you learn best with which learning style. for example, in math I learn best by doing (kinesthetic) but I suck at learning math by seeing (visual), but in history I learn best by discussing and hearing (auditory) and seeing (visual), but if you make me act out history, write notes or anything like that I won’t learn shit.) 

8) If you’re not a math or science person, don’t take them. Same goes for English, or any other subject. In my school system it was required for you to take english every year, so there was no getting out of that, but I could chose to stop taking math after grade 11, and science after grade 10. A lot of people associate being good at math and science as being “smart”, and I got a lot of comments that because I wasn’t taking them my studies were “easy”. And trust me, if you decide to not take them you’ll hear the same thing. But the thing is, you don’t need them. If you’re going into an English program, then why in the fucking world would you take Chemistry or math?? What’s the use of it? Once you know the basic skills in both subjects I say drop it, unless you need it or find it fun. 

9) Speaking of not doing things that you can’t, each country has different terms for the “upper” level classes and the “lower” level classes. So I’ll be referring to them as just that. If you find that an “upper” level class goes too fast for you or you just aren’t learning from it, go to the lower level. Not all your classes have to be “upper” and not all have to be “lower”, it all depends on you. You’re not smarter for being in an “upper” level class, and you’re not dumber for being in a “lower” level class. It’s all based on styles of learning. That’s it. and 95% of the time, the two levels learn the same things, just at different paces and with different techniques. 

10) If you have a mental illness, let your teachers know. Even if you don’t want to tell anyone. Even if you think it’s embarrassing. Trust me, telling your teachers will make your life 100% easier, a lot of them are very understanding. I had teachers who would let me leave the class with a friend at any point I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack. And when I went through my major depressive episodes and missed weeks of school, my teachers let me do work at home that was strictly in class work or let me delay tests or just skip units all together, and I often got extra time for everything. But if I hadn’t told them about my situation, I would have ended up being stuck and probably would have failed all my classes.

11) If someone offers you help, take it. ALWAYS ACCEPT HELP. Even if you have a stupid sense of pride (like me) and think you can do everything by yourself (like me) YOU CAN’T (like…you guessed it, me). Trust me, when a parent, teacher, or even sibling helps you with homework, or essays or studying, it just makes things easier. 

12) Take notes. I know I said taking notes doesn’t always help me, or other people, but do it anyways. And not on your computer. Hand write your notes, even if you have the messiest fucking handwriting, just do it. It’s been proven that you’re more likely to retain information that you handwrite over notes on a computer or reading, no matter what your learning type is. 

13) Don’t do things last minute. Don’t do your project last minute, or your essay, or study for a test. Cramming doesn’t work. Basically what I’m saying is manage your time properly. If you have 2 weeks to study for a test, take those two weeks. Don’t take just 10 hours the night before. 

14) We’re almost done, don’t worry. Join extra curricular activities! HAVE A LIFE. Literally it’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t do more. If you aren’t a sports person, join clubs. If you aren’t a clubs person, join sports. If you’re neither, join student council or something. If you want access to everything (sports, clubs, etc) join Yearbook, it’s a great way to be involved while also hiding from everyone. But join things, make new friends. Have a life. It’ll make things SO much easier

15) Speaking of friends, don’t worry about them. You’re going to make new friends, lose friends and then repeat. You and everyone else change so much through high school it’s almost impossible to constantly have the exact same friend group. So don’t worry if you lose friends, you’re going to make new ones, I promise. 

14) My last and most important point; GRADES DON’T MATTER. It’s a number (or letter) that is marking you on how you felt the day you were taking a test or doing a presentation. That’s all it is. It’s not testing your intelligence, it’s not something to compete over. It’s just a stupid little number. I’m not saying ignore it completely, still try to work hard to learn things, but don’t do it for the sole reason of getting a good grade. One of the biggest things I learned in my last two years of high school was that when I was stressed about my grades and studied for the only purpose of getting a 90%, and literally gave up my life to study, I often didn’t do well. Those are the times when I failed tests, and also the times where I barely was able to get an 80% average. But in 11 and 12 I decided to take it easy. I studied a little bit every second or third night, but I tried not to stress about it. On nights before tests I would limit myself and never stay up past midnight. I forced myself to not care about grades even though every little anxious bone in me told me to care. And I went from having an 80.2% average in grade 10, to an 88% in grade 11 and a 92.5% in grade 12 (i feel inclined to say it was 95% but I had two hard ass teachers second semester so uh yeah that sucked). SO DON’T STRESS. LET GO OF THE IMPORTANCE OF GRADES. RAISE YOUR MIDDLE FINGER TO THAT A. Just do the best you can and then continue to push yourself to do better. Do it because you want to, not because you want a higher grade.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. High school is what you make of it, it can be fun, or horrible, so try to have fun with it. I have a lot of good memories from it. The best piece of advice I can really give is just be aware that your life isn’t only school, and it doesn’t end after high school. (Also always buy your teachers christmas gifts or end of year gifts, they will love you and you will instantly become a favourite)

This morning I’ve had we didn’t start the fire stuck in my head - for reasons, obv - and it got me thinking about my 9th grade English teacher.  

Now, for context, the song came out in 1989. By the time I was in gr. 9 it was probably about a decade old and in that awkward place of being considered an old song but not yet considered a classic (if at any point we didn’t start the fire could be NOT considered an anthem). So for many of us it was something we heard on the radio as a toddler but unless we had rockin’ parents, there wasn’t a lot of exposure there currently. For us the era of Spice Girls was waning and Britney and NSYNC were on MTV.

(and yes, this carbon dates me pretty well. someone recently asked my age and you can extrapolate from this easily)

Back to my 9th grade English teacher.  He had this ‘edgy’ and ‘young’ lesson plan in place where he played the song and then told us to pick one of the mentions in it and write an essay for it.

Only to be met with a room full of blank stares.

So, he tries to get us to chant the song so we’d remember it, and about 30 students went ‘mumble mumble JOE DIMAGGIO’ but like i’m sure most of us had only the vaguest idea who that was.

I have never seen someone so baffled by a room full of tweens.

And I think about it every time I hear the song. How he was trying to use a song about a bunch of things that were ancient history to us (or at least twentieth century history - which we hadn’t learned in History yet) by using a song that was ancient history.  In an English class.

As an adult, I think it was a clever idea but with poorly considered execution. It would have worked decently well as a History lesson.  That’s beside the point. 

The point is this - you haven’t lived until you’ve seen an 80s/90s rock fan spend an entire class session yelling the lyrics to we didn’t start the fire at a bunch of uncaring tweens like he was personally insulted on behalf of the entire music industry and he felt he could inspire us in a fiery wave of political savvy.

This story doesn’t end in Oh Captain My Captain or like in School of Rock bass line.  It ends in me doing an essay on something I didn’t give a shit about, like my entire educational experience, and rolling my eyes at how lame my English teacher was.

ohhh i never mentioned like the grades of most of the highschool AU omg these are kinda pointless details so

  • gr 12/senior/age 17&18: hanzo, mccree, reaper, 76, mercy, pharah, reinhardt, widowmaker, winston, torbjorn
  • gr 11/junior/age 16&17: zarya, mei, symmetra
  • gr 10/sophomore/age 15&16: tracer, junkrat, roadhog (18) (he failed 2 grades)
  • gr 9/freshmen /age 14&15 : genji,, lucio

bastion: he’s a robot completed in beginning of the freshmans’s first year

zenyatta: he would be in grade 9, he’s been homeschooled his whole life

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Whats widowmaker and tracers relationship like in your highschool au? (I love this au btw c:)

OKAY theres like 50 widowmaker questions sitting in my ask so heres a catchall post on her!!

amelie is ur standard overachiever good at math and english, she joins model UN, part of the school’s QUIZBOWL team, grade rep in student council for gr 9, 10 & 11, is super fashionable and popular, has a steady boyfriend! she’s really interested in the SUPERNATURAL and OTHERWORDLY and HORROR FILMS. her and reaper actually bond over that stuff. she’s good friends with tracer since theyre both in model UN and tracer thinks her interest in the OCCULT is actually fascinating! the one thing amelie sucks at is sports, and she really respects tracer and likes taking her on shopping dates. tracer is like really gay for amelie but amelie’s got a boyfriend :(

everything is GREAT until summer break right before grade 12. something mustve went badly wrong because when she returns to school, gerard “transfered” out, amelie’s skin looks different, and she’s become way less friendly. Her popularity from the past few years in highschool still gets her elected at co-prez with jack morrison/76 during the 3rd week of class. but shes quit all the other clubs and tracer is really worried and has seen her talking with reaper and feels really at unease about everything. no one else seems to notice much is wrong other than amelie looks paler than normal (probably due to gr12 univeristy app stress)


<b>The evolution of the British Harrier</b>

1. Hawker P.1127
2. Hawker Siddeley GR.1
3. Hawker Siddeley GR.3
4. Hawker Siddeley T.4
5. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.5
6. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.7
7. British Aerospace Harrier II GR.9
8. British Aerospace Harrier II T.12

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I hope Gwen is with him but if not let's not post meltdowns. Pleeeeez. This man has concert Sunday. Soft opening 9/7. CCMA 9/10. Fundraiser Nashville, which will take rehearsals with Reese 9/12. Concert in CO-Air Force Academy 9/16. Gwen private event 9/15. These are busy people. Could be why spent 5 weeks in OK as a family. Now it's work. School. And GR leaves for tour 9/21.

Yes, no meltdowns. There’s no reason for them, so let’s not be silly. Like you said, they are busy, busy people. They have been seen in the last few weeks happily celebrating Zuma’s birthday, kissing at a trampoline park, checking out Ole Red Tish, smooching on Gwen’s laptop screen, etc. Gwen just commented yesterday that Blake was cute on his IG pic. All is well. ❤

– M

September tc challenge

12. are you shorter or taller than your tc?

Considering I’m 6'0", I am waaaay taller than R. She’s real short compared to me.

13. does your tc have any pets at home? how many and what animals?

She has a cat named Emma.

14. does your tc have a blackboard or a whiteboard in their room? what color chalk / marker do they use the most?

R has both in her classroom, she uses the blackboard for like different class points (ex. gr 9, 10, 11, 12) and if people want to write something on there they can. She sticks to white chalk. And for the whiteboard she mostly uses purple (her favourite color) and blue (mine :) ). So yeaahhh

koq pada takut lemes ya kalo gak makan nasi ???

sbnrya lemes kalo kamu msh carbo eater.
liver kamu msh cari cari carbo atau apapun yg akan diubah jd glukosa utk energi. makanya terjadi hipoglikemik.

tapi klo tubuh kamu tepatnya liver sdh bs menggunakan lemak sbg energi ganti dr glukosa, maka kamu gak akan lemes, ga akan cari cari makanan or cemilan… krn ketone fuel lbh irit utk di jadikan energi.

1 gr lemak itu memberikan 9 gr kalori loh…

beda ama carbo yg hanya memberikan 4 gr kalori.

ayo pilih mana energi yg bagus spt ketone atau energi yg boros spt carbo ? dan pastinya dgn adanya ketogenic, akan membantu menyeimbangkan kembali metabolisme tubuh serta hormon dlm tubuh.

sulit ? awalnya, tapi klo niat pasti ada kemudahan.