gq recommends

Firstly, I’d like to thank the amazing and wonderful Tara O'Brien for drawing this gorgeous piece for me and the gq.  I highly recommend her for commissions!

Second, this is my top-surgery commemoration present for the gq.  It is only ONE WEEK until he goes under for surgery, and I wanted to have a lasting gift that we would always remember.

[Image is of two mermaids and a sea turtle, with the words “I’ve found a home in my shell” at the bottom.  One mermaid is white, fat, and blonde.  The second is white, red haired, and has top surgery scars.]

Please feel free to share!

Can someone explain to me how this is something a homeless man might wear? 

The suit is well cut, probably British style, with a notch lapel, and the shirt looks like a dress shirt or a henley in white or beige. And he’s wearing a knitted cap with the ensemble, which, while not something GQ would recommend, is perfectly acceptable.

Now, take a long hard look at this picture and think about why the first association you had was “homeless man"