gq february 2013


GQ Names Beyonce Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century: Oh, You Mad?

16 Grammy Awards. 44 Grammy Nominations. 184 awards and 529 nominations over all. Mommy to Baby Blue. HOV has got the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain—that’s right! Humanitarian. Wife. Role Model. Philanthropist. Just SO-DAMN-FABULOUS. And this only begins to scrape surface when describing King B.

I’m sure many of you have seen the photos from the 2013 GQ photo shoot, and it has sparked a lot of controversy.  Some people believe that as a mother, these photos were too “sexual and racy”, others complained that perhaps the photos were “too photo shopped.” Others have even gone so far as to resurrect her pregnancy, and say that she couldn’t possibly have had a natural pregnancy, and I feel like I need to address all of these comments, because they have been all over TV entertainment shows, blogs, as well as my Twitter and Instagram timelines.

First thing is first. Beyonce is an entertainer/performer, and it’s her job to do so. Yes, she is a mother, but there is nothing disrespectful or raunchy about her photoshoot. She lost a whopping 60 lbs, and she looks absolutely fabulous. Her body is to-die-for,(and she worked hard for it) why should she be covered up, in a nun-like-fashion, just because she’s a mother? Don’t any of you know any gorgeous-hott-moms in real life? (I know I do.)

Secondly, I would like to know why everyone is up-in-arms about Beyonce and her pregnancy. Why is it such a spectacle for her to be in such great shape after having one child?(Let me remind you all, that Black DON’T crack LOL—that’s what you need to remember.) Why is that she just had to “have a surrogate child” because she didn’t decide to publicize her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian style? (Sidenote: No shade to Kim, she and her family are amazing business women.) It’s very much of a reality to be in shape after having a child. I have a mother who is living proof of that, even 22 years later. During and after pregnancy, as a mother, you make decisions that are going to affect your health, weight and physical appearance. If you choose to be unhealthy,  eat your life away and let yourself go, then you have chosen to be fat post-pregnancy, and that is no one’s fault except for yours.

What are your thoughts on this?

Ladies and Gents, please pick up your February 2013 GQ issue with Bey on it! I know I will be!

C. A. Cole