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“Unfortunately, tonight I seem to be somewhere else on the planet. Otherwise I would be there sipping champagne and toasting your fine health. So I do it in absence a few days earlier with a bottle of eau de vie. Tons of love, have a wonderful evening and wish I could be there. À bientôt !” - Benedict Cumberbatch toasts Studio Canal’s partnership with SunnyMarch

His [Benedict’s] enthusiasm, though, can have side effects notably an inability not to talk about the things he says he doesn’t want to talk about, if he actually wants to talk about them. This becomes clear early on, when he says he musn’t, under any circumstances, under pain of death, talk about his new family. He then, of course, proceeds to talk quite a lot about his new family. Most topics, it turns out, lead to it: from the age (“The only thing about age that hits home is that you are very aware of your own mortality. It’s not about your life or ageing or anything like that, it’s actually about wanting to live long enough to protect that child”), to how sunny it is (“With the baba, I smother him in factor 1,000 and he still gets a tan”), to his up-at-4am workout routine to get ripped for Doctor Strange (“That actually got me through being a first-time father. I say that as if I was the only one getting up. Sophie really was incredible during those first few months.”), to working long days on Sherlock (“Getting home to see your family becomes the main thing - I’ll do the overtime but can I make bathtime?”)

British GQ - October 2016