Tessa Thompson & Lakeith Stanfield (’Sorry to Bother You’) for GQ

“There are so many movies with people of color coming out that are like, ‘It’s the people-of-color version of a heist movie!’ Or, 'It’s the people-of-color version of a buddy-cop thing!’ You know, 'People of color in this romantic comedy instead of Jennifer Aniston’ or whatever.”
[Director Boots] Riley’s representation doesn’t mean just slotting people of color into roles “they wouldn’t have gotten originally” (read: white), it means creating roles we haven’t seen before: “This is a new movement of art for people of color that has to do with not only people being represented on screen and behind the screen, but a new way of thinking about the creation of art. [Stanfield and Thompson] are two of the prominent members of this kind of new group of actors that are coming up.”