Yuuri telling Victor to leave is so important. It shows how much he loves Victor. He places Victor’s emotions above his own. He doesn’t want Victor to even potentially feel anything like Yuuri did during last year’s GPX.

Yuuri is rewriting another story. One where the owner returns home.

And I think it’s important for Makkachin to be alright. For Yuuri to see how much has changed from last year. That he can rewrite these stories. Change history. Overcome and improve from where he was to where he is.

And it’s important that Yuuri be the one to push Victor home. To take the reigns of his own future. To try and make Victor’s future happier through his actions. And to skate for himself, by himself, with his love and know it is inside him always. He is the one making these strides. He can do it. Victor is there for him, inspires him, loves him, but it is still Yuuri’s story.