Why this story is unappreciated !! i mean its the only single proof/doubt that Louis was with harry during the hiatus through out the past 6 months !!!

●The photographer posted 2 pics from same day, the 2nd pic he posted we can see the spider tattoo is SOOO CLEAR !

○I made some lights and tried to make it more clear .. and YES that guy we think he is Louis has a very Clear mark of a spider tat in his leg !!👀

●What makes me doubt more is that the photographer posted a 3rd pic from another day with a caption targeting LARRIES in specific!👀 & it was for a guy wearing black adidas jacket ((they really wanted us to believe/think he is Louis !! wich make it more fishy)).. & i predicted that they ll post a clear pic of his face as an evidence that its not Louis in order to prove that the first pic of the guy with a hoodie is Not Louis ..& SURPRISE😱They did exactly what i said ..😈

○Here the post with pics included and how they denied it was Louis lol:

●●P.S : The photographer deleted all pics concerning this story !!👀💀

●● D also posted in her IG “at same day of the guy with a hoodie pic released” a photo of Louis'leg taken in the rental house while he is standing in front of a pool with her dogs !! to prove that he is in LA, but no paps walk or anything, Louis was completley MIA that time ❗❗💡❗❗

●And if we doubt that his face doesnt look like Louis, so u can see the pic taken for Harry from same photographer & u ll find that Harry’s face is not clear and not look like him, while in fact HE IS HARRY pointing his finger to the camera’ direction 😕..

○So if this is 100% Harry , so the other guy with the hoodie is also 100% Louis


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