My mom is so wasted :“”) she took a handful of pretzels outta the fridge and then washed them with water, and spent abt 12 minutes grinding up sea salt with a mortar and pestle, spilled most of it on the kitchen floor and then basically woke up the entire neighborhood cackling at a video of a dog disappearing into a mound of snow. Where did she even get the booze? Go to bed mom

Feb. 6, 11:05pm

I’ve been absent from tumblr a lot lately and just letting my queue do the work for me. I’ve been super busy lately taking care of a final few steps before I submit my immigration Canada paperwork. We turn in everything next week and I couldn’t be more excited that we’re finally proceeding after being here for 9 months and a few weeks now. I also now have complete Canadian health care which is super exciting because I went too long without being safe with it. I recently found out also that I may be able to go to hairstyling school this year even without a work permit while the tuition is cut by $3,600CAD just for this year. It’s such a nice place and the instructor is who did my wedding hair and cuts my hair so it’ll be really nice learning something I love with someone I’m fond of.

Today I played in my first competitive modern magic tournament at my home store, Kapow Ltd., and I did a looot better than I thought I would (2-2-1) and then fell through after the break. First round, I won against a home store dude playing infect (I play grixis delver), second, I drew against a Calgary jund player (only 2 games and the dude who went top in swiss), third, I won against mono red goblins, another Calgary player. It’s definitely a good feeling when you’re the only female sitting in top 8 seats for all of the games and also super nice playing my first competitive at a store I’m comfortable in and know most of the people there.

I think that covers most of what I’ve been up to lately and I look forward to getting on here more and probably blogging up more posts like this!

GPT Houston Winning Decklist

Michael Giles won the latest Standard Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Houston at our Face to Face Games Montreal location with his own version of Abzan Red!

Check out his winning decklist!

Abzan Red - Michael Giles (1st)

2 Bloodstained Mire
2 Canopy Vista
1 Cinder Glade
3 Flooded Strand
2 Forest
1 Plains
2 Shambling Vent
1 Smoldering Marsh
1 Sunken Hollow
2 Swamp
4 Windswept Heath
4 Wooded Foothills

4 Abzan Charm
1 Dromoka’s Command
1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
1 Kolaghan’s Command
3 Secure the Wastes
3 Silkwrap
1 Sorin, Solemn Visitor
4 Transgress the Mind

3 Anafenza, the Foremost
2 Den Protector
4 Siege Rhino
4 Warden of the First Tree
2 Wasteland Strangler
2 Wingmate Roc

1 Crackling Doom
1 Ultimate Price
1 Exert Influence
1 Valorous Stance
1 Pitiless Horde
1 Painful Truths
1 Prairie Stream
2 Radiant Flames
2 Dispel
2 Whisperwood Elemental
2 Mastery of the Unseen

Huge Get Paid To (GPT) Site Industry News! is Back !

Huge Get Paid To (GPT) Site Industry News! is Back !

Yes, the world renouned Get Paid To (GPT) industry watchdog site is Back purporting to be ‘back under its original ownership’!

External image

Visit the old familiar styled GPT Boycott Home Page to read how its ‘back under its original ownership’ and to remenisce in seeing the live page / site back online again !

Somehow, it ‘feels’ like the perfect time for it to come back hopefully to offer its…

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Odessa Kane: GPT (produced by Digital Martyrs) + Mississippi Burning Still (produced by Fatgums)

Last year’s “Left To Bear Arms” EP by Odessa Kane was intended to act as a sample of what the San Diego Emcee was building toward his debut Beatrock Music album. The 7-song work garnered unexpected praise very early on, which pushed Odessa onto the road and away from the studio for most of 2015. Finally, in the early half of 2016, he’s found a long enough break between shows to get back to work on his upcoming LP.

Kane also took that time to shoot a music video for the hit song GPT from the 2015 EP. Directed by Bambu, shot and edited by Jerick Carinoe, GPT takes place in an undisclosed location somewhere in San Diego’s Southeast. Also included at the tail of the video, Kane set visuals to accompany the track Mississippi Burning Still.

Visit to get the special the GPT Maxi-single + GPT Merchandise!

Produced by Digital Martyrs

Mississippi Burning Still
Produced by Fatgums

Directed by Bambu
Shot and Edited by Jerick Carino

Special thanks to

The Amiling Family
Pillars of the Community
RTC (Reclaiming the Community)
Felt1 + Khloe
Rocky Rey

O primeiro requisito é ser boa professora.
O segundo é ser gata.
Para trabalhar na @bussolagym é assim. Hahaha
Equipe super poderosa.

#Repost @shaianny with @repostapp
Parte da minha equipe linda de professoras prontas para iniciar os trabalhos! 💪💕 Escola de Ginástica Bússola GYM: ▫Aqua UP Clube
▫Colégio QI Freguesia
▫Colégio QI Tijuca ▫Colégio Santa Teresa de Jesus
▫Clube Monte Sinai
▫Escola Eliezer Max

Informações : 🌐 📩 ☎ 3258-3927

#Bussolagym #bussolaclub #GR #GA #GPT #babygym #lovemyjob

Watch on

@odessa_kane included #MississippiBurning Still along in the visual for #GPT #GangsterPimpTrap @beatrockmusic #LeftToBearArms

When Goofy met Optimus

First things first: What does the title mean?
I’m guessing everyone has had this moment when there is the “correct” play and the completely bonkers play.
But… what if this play is so crazy it just might work?

Let me tell you a story about a Standard GPT I was played last Saturday.

I was playing Rally Combo (a friend let me use his deck) and it’s the last round. If I win this round I might make prizes, and the match is 1-1. My opponent is on a pretty weird UB Awaken Control plan, and he slams Demonic Pact.

*looks opponent in the eye*  “I choose to lose the game”

After some turns he’s down to making me discard and losing the game, so of course he snap concedes makes me discard, and this is my hand:

I have to pitch two cards, so I’m discarding Duress and… What else?
Rally is my game plan and I have a nice shot at winning that way if I can continue building my bin. On the other hand, its hilarious that I could Dispel his Disperse when he tries to remove the Pact, so I spend a good minute mulling this over.

But that’s too crazy, I should stick to the plan and try to win the normal way. I discard the Dispel.

On my turn I do a little setup, and EOT he Disperses the Pact with only two mana leftover. When I cast the Rally he counters it.

We end up drawing that game and I’m out of prizes.

But what if?
What if I had countered that Disperse?
On hindsight, I think I had the win with the Disperse line of play, but cast it aside because it seemed “too silly”.

What would you have done? Do you stick to your plan or go for the fun way?

Comment away!

By the way, this is the first post I’m making, any feedback is very welcome :)

Gnome Games PPTQ and GPT Schedule for Feb-April

Gnome Games PPTQ and GPT Schedule for Feb-April

External image

Let’s Play some Magic at Gnome Games – here’s the complete competitive Magic PPTQ and GPT Schedule schedule for February – April 2016

Gnome Games is excited to host a plethora of competitive events that will feed numerous Grand Prix and Pro Tour events. We’ve got something for every competitive player at all three of our locations. Come on out and test your skill at any one of our Preliminary Pro…

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Gnome Games PPTQ and GPT Schedule for Feb-April

Gnome Games PPTQ and GPT Schedule for Feb-April

External image

Let’s Play some Magic at Gnome Games – here’s the complete competitive Magic PPTQ and GPT Schedule schedule for February – April 2016

Gnome Games is excited to host a plethora of competitive events that will feed numerous Grand Prix and Pro Tour events. We’ve got something for every competitive player at all three of our locations. Come on out and test your skill at any one of our Preliminary Pro…

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Odessa Kane – GPT / Mississippi Burning Still (Video)

Last year’s “Left To Bear Arms” EP by Odessa Kane was intended to act as a sample of what the San Diego Emcee was building toward his debut Beatrock Music album.

Watch on

@odessa_kane that songs hard as fuck first of all. Looking forward to the the full video. #GPT #GangsterPimpTrap @beatrockmusic #LeftToBearArms

Not-so-quick summary of how I start my day

Okay so, at any given time, I have at least 2 activities open, usually more. If you can’t run activities at the same time because your computer is too slow, then this won’t be the best way to go about earning. I’ll make other suggestions if that’s the case. If you can run multiple at a time, I suggest you do it and get used to it (it is really easy once you get the hang of it)

First – log into Swagbucks
-Start “nGage” and “Take a Discovery Break” – adjust windows accordingly**
-Do the daily poll and NOSO offers
-Open Daily Crave in another window, let it load, click “begin exploring” or “crave on” or whatever it says to start. When the page loads, move your mouse to the middle of the exploring screen (the timer should be counting down) click CTRL + TAB, this should take you to the next/first tab you have open (you’ll want to check back in a minute to click “like” or “dislike” then do the same, move mouse to middle and CTRL + TAB out of that tab, this should leave the timer still active
-Go to your inbox and open any messages that say “Watch & Earn” or are 2 pointers. If the 2 pointer asks you to read an article or view a slideshow, click the button to open that page. This should credit immediately. If it’s a watch & earn, you need to click play (sometimes twice) but you can leave the tab while the video plays and return to close it later
-Using the Swagbucks search bar, search for “cashcrate” (you could go to but doing it this way gives you a chance to win SB from it)

Second – log into Cashcrate
-Check in for the day
-If you want, you can go to the “Top Surveys” tab and see if there are any high pay/low time surveys, but I usually only take surveys on Cashcrate if I find ones that pay very well

Third – log into Clixsense
(I suggest using the swagbucks search bar for this also)
-Open the “offers” tab in a new window, scroll down to “Websites Explorer” and begin, adjust windows accordingly
-Go to the PTC ads page (“View Ads”) and go through those (one at a time) You need to keep that window active, but you can click out of it to click “next” on your nGage or TADB windows and click back – it doesn’t count those seconds in the count down (it pauses) but it doesn’t kick you out either
-Go to the clixgrid and complete the minimum clicks for your daily bonus, I BELIEVE this is 20 for both normal and premium members, but you will have to check your “daily checklist” to confirm.
-Visit the forum, you don’t need to post anything, just visit it so you’re one step closer to unlocking your daily bonus
Check back on your main page to confirm you’ve completed the whole daily checklist. If you were running “Websites Explorer” this whole time, you should have completed the two offers that are required.

Fourth – log into InstaGC
-Right click on the “Clicks” tab and open it in a new window. Pick a wall (I start with IGC) and start to open the different clicks. You can open all of them at the same time, or you can do as I do and do them in sets of 8. You click 8 of them (they will open in new tabs) and go back to your original window and look for other offers. Leave the 2nd window open with all the open tabs for about 5 minutes then go back, close those tabs and open more. These are usually delayed in crediting. Move onto another wall and complete those clicks.
-Go to the OfferToro wall and find the 18pt coupons offer. Select 10-15 coupons and move to print. You’ll need to give your phone number to get a verification code but they do NOT send you any messages other than the code. I do these at work so I do print them, but if you’re doing them on your own computer, I would advise against that. I’ve been told you can select “save as PDF” in place of printing and that it works. I haven’t tested it yet but it’s worth a try. Printer ink is expensive and it isn’t worth it to use your ink to make 18 cents.
-Open “watch videos” (under the earn tab) and complete at least one set (5 videos = 1 pt, there is a counter above the video) Doing this will enter you in the mini video contest and you have a chance to win the random.
-Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the facebook icon, check on the IGC facebook page to see if they’ve posted a point booster code in their statuses recently. Follow the link to enter it if they have.

These are most of the dailies that I do. After I’ve completed all of them, I move on to looking for good offers or surveys. My personal favorite places for surveys are: IGC surveys (under the earn tab), IGC daily category (change category after clicking on wall), Clixsense Surveys, Adscend wall on Clixsense (under the offers tab), and Woobi wall on InstaGC.

Some of my favorite walls for offers are: (on any site but I prefer Clixsense because of the daily bonus), Peanut Labs (same), IGC wall, Adscend (Clixsense) or AdWall (IGC)

I usually don’t do many offers on swagbucks because I can easily hit my daily goal just by doing the dailies, nGage and TADB. So I prefer to do offers on Clixsense because my bonus will be applied.

A few notes:
-”Websites Explorer” and “Hyprmx” are from the same provider as “Take A Discovery Break” but you CAN run them at the same time IF they originate from different sites – meaning you can run one from Swagbucks, InstaGC, Clixsense, and Gifthulk all at the same time, but you CANNOT open 2 of them from Swagbucks
-I suggest using the swagbucks search bar when opening any website (whether it’s clixsense, cashcrate, tumblr, outlook, etc.) Searching for the website instead of just putting it in the URL bar gives you a chance to win SB and I believe that the payout for SB search wins is typically higher than the payout from InstaGC search wins
I GREATLY recommend you download the Clixsense add-on. You get an additional bonus to your earnings if you have it active (meaning you DON’T turn off the notifications) At first, it’s a little annoying with the pop up notifications in the corner, but you quickly get used to it and they go away on their own if you haven’t already X’d out of them. The add-on will also show you which PTC ads are available so you don’t have to go to the website to check
*If you are confident that you can commit to earning on Clixsense for at least a year, consider upgrading to premium member status. The cost is $17 a year, but based on the possible daily bonus, all you need to do is make 30 cents a day (and complete the full daily list) and you will profit. If you make $1 a day and receive the full bonus, you’ll make $58 in a year – which is a $41 profit. That may not sound like much but that is technically a 240% return on your initial “investment” of $17. And likely, once you get used to earning, you’ll make more than $1 a day on Clixsense.

**This is how I usually have my nGage and TADB windows (when they open a pop up to explore, don’t close it, just draw it to be very small or at the bottom of the screen (as seen here) Minimizing it won’t work because when you click “next page” it will pop back up to be the active window

Prizerebel Now Pays Out In Bitcoin Through SNAPCARD

Prizerebel Now Pays Out In Bitcoin Through SNAPCARD

External image

Acquiring Bitcoin is still a rather tedious process for the everyday consumer, but it looks like things have become a bit easier. Popular referral/conga website Prizerebel is now paying out its users in Bitcoin, rather than relying on just gift cards or Paypal payments. Doing so creates an easy way for novice users to get their hands on Bitcoin, without having to go through an exchange’s…

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