By the Obzedat what a weekend! GPSac was fantastic! I honestly wasn’t going to go but Karla Ortiz announced she was going to be a surprise last minute guest artist and I pretty much had to! I absolutely love hanging out with her, she totally refreshes my creative juices. So pictures!

1. I brought Fblthp with me this weekend (he didn’t really want to go) and I decided to wear the latest Theros fashion “Nyx Born” we are sitting on Capitol Hill in Sacramento.
2. Loot from day 2! Karla Print again :p Chris Chan print and of course Steve Argyle print. (Future cosplays?maybe)
3. I just sat behind Karla a lot during the weekend and just creeped on her. So inspiring and motivating to watch her work. It was seriously an honor.
4. Fblthp unwillingly taking a picture.
5. Loot from day 1! Ashiok print THAT I NEEDED HNNGG! My favorite RkPost art Knight of Dusk and my VIP badge (we jokingly called it Very Important Planeswalker badges) AND THE BEST THING EVER A LILIANA OF THE VEIL ALTERED TO LOOK LIKE TEYSA.
6. This guy had the most impressive beard. Easy breezy beautiful Orzhov.
8. Ochoa and I finally reunited since eating Reuben.
9. I got to meet Christopher Rush holy crap was I too excited for this! I already have a card of his in the cosplay making (technically two) and I seriously can’t wait to see him again! I got a signed Brainstorm and told him I Cosplayed the Mercadian Masques version, he told me I Cosplayed the wrong one -.-“ I told him I would make it up to him.

It was such a good weekend I seriously cannot handle it. I’m literally just going to keep on working on cosplay until the next one!


Stuff That I Got Signed at GP Sacramento: Minion Edition!

So, this is the stuff that I got signed/altered by Steve over the weekend. Really happy about both of the alters, I giggled at both of them when I first got them and I still have a bit of a goofy grin (even after being quite sick for the entirety of Day 2). I also picked up that Celestial Mantle print. It seemed appropriate, seeing as it’s probably my favorite card art, and it looks even better bigger with all of the detail that Steve puts in his work (I still don’t know how he makes the crystals look so perfect). So, thanks Steve! And thanks to Justin and the Ascended Minion Project for making me aware of all of the work that Steve actually did in Magic! I never would’ve noticed things like Mayael’s Aria or Glissa otherwise.