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It’s all in the inflection!

If you insist on leaving valuables in your car keep a McDonald's bag handy as a disguise

I keep them around because I’m filthy, not smart…but I can’t count the number of times I’ve stuffed my camera gear/gps/new electronics purchases/purses in an empty McDonald’s bag on the floor of my car. Rest easy knowing nobody will smash your window for McDonalds trash.

Daemon, Anankedaemon

Also called corruptors of fate, anankedaemons embody death by curses - the wards on an ancient tomb, a malediction spoken by a spiteful witch, or a treasure that brings death to its owner. These mercenary fiends sell their services to whatever evil being gives them an opportunity to bring suffering and death to mortals.

Anankedaemons stand slightly shorter than humans, but are powerfully muscled beneath their greasy rolls of fat and loose yellow skin. Their faces resemble canine skulls with a boar’s tusks, bloodshot eyeballs in their gaping sockets. Despite their corpulence, anankedaemons are deceptively dextrous and nimble, moving almost with a blur of motion. A strong odor of brimstone surrounds anankedaemons, and when they attack, their victims may hear the faint sound of rolling dice coming from nowhere.

Anankedaemons live to spread misfortune and despair, inflicting curses on all they come across. Corruptors of fate have a strong mercenary streak, selling their services to other fiends or evil spellcasters, especially favoring masters on the Material Plane. Anankedaemons are commonly found in armies of demons or devils, but even these allies find them repulsive and give them a wide berth. Lone anankedaemons may gather minions immune to their curse, such as lacridaemons, cacodaemons, or the weaker undead.

Temerdaemons, embodying all forms of misfortune and accidental tragedy, often bully anankedaemons into doing their bidding. Corruptors of fate who faithfully serve the more powerful fiends and learn from them may be transformed into temerdaemons themselves by the Four Horsemen or daemonic harbingers.

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NEW! Garmin nüviCam LMTHD Portable Navigation Device

Garmin has released the nüviCam LMTHD Portable Navigation Device which, apart from being an excellent navigation device, brings a ton of useful features with it.

anonymous asked:

Omg its so perfectly planned out! I just realized this is so brilliant. They have now planted the seed of both Larry & the idea of a fake baby scandal, but they have to rewind on that now ofc, so they can drop their short term solution, the pt denial - whilst still keeping the seed in ppls minds. Then comes the long term bomb, which will ultimately be the expose, & then tah dah- introducing Larry for real, which the gp has been already geared up for, and which- surprise- is actually real! 😏 +

+ And so that is why they had buzzfeed work with them, introducing the fake baby idea w that article, let it circulate, but now they’re pulling back, having them release a second article as like a ‘cover up’ for the last one, so they can their short term route, before announcing oh wait it actually was a fake baby and so on 😽😽


exactly. i think they have both short term (pat denial) and a long term (expose the shit out of everything/team change/coming out) plans operating simultaneously but they have to be careful to maintain the balance between the two. 

they planted the seeds of the long term plan with the GP but now they have to pull back and focus on the short term plan because that’s the immediate focus.