Forgot to post my GPOYW today. 

 Today sucked ass. 

 Tomorrow will likely be worse.

 Remind me I do this because I have dreams and goals. 

 Do not remind me that lots of super rich and famous people also have dreams and goals but live theirs. 

 If my lips look chapped it’s because they are. 

 And not the ones on my face.

 I have Ouija board underwear on and Aubree saw them and said it looks like I’m inviting Satan into my butthole. 

Maybe it’s time I did. 


It’s time.

 I did.


Some days, my job is pretty awesome. Spent the whole afternoon sailing. They even let me take the wheel at one point. I sailed. It was pretty easy, I just let the boat do most of the work.

Me and Charity were taking selfies today and I was like “ugh I hate that I have so many wrinkles” and she said “those are where you made us laugh and we made you laugh mommy.”

It was just like a moment of her talking like an adult and reminding me once again what’s important and it doesn’t hurt she’s such a beautiful soul.

She kind of looks like me too.

lady date with the roomie/chef/new WIFE!

for once, my fingers look pretty long & slender. funny how things look different from a different point of view.

Oh there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.