gpoy yo

Before my haircut:

so sad, very long, much oil ratty that’s nooo good 2/10

After hair cut:

!! SUPERIOR! FUZZY HAPPY! infinityandbeyond/10

! I can actually comfortably fit in my binder what what? I did not expect that, tho this one has a pretty huge range and from the side I look like I have either pecs (in Autumn’s opinion) or lowkey moobs (in my opinion). BUT! I’M HAPPY WITH IT! I can breathe easily (or at least as easy as someone with chronic lung shit CAN breathe) and I don’t have any mobility problems so I’ll call it a success.

Also lol apparently I have a cow lick right on the center front of my hair so I have a small, natural duck butt lmao. I’m like a tiny, angry Alistair. Only… nothing like Alistair. Except I do like cheese.

I’m getting a trim again in six weeks and I’m probably going to be dying it some sorta warm red. I’ve never dyed before so that’ll be fun! :3c I’m gonna look like a very soft and squishy Catooo