gpoy with a cat


This precious floof is Eileen, my 8 year old kitty. I adopted this sweet girl back in 2010 from a feral cat rescue shelter, where she was considered “less adoptable” because of being blind in one eye (from an ulcerated cornea).

She now has two medical issues impacting her quality of life and requiring surgery, which is scheduled for September (2017). The surgery includes:

1) Dental extractions - broken teeth stuck in her gums that cause mouth discomfort and bleeding.
2) Eye removal - her blind eye has been on an ongoing cycle of swelling, rupturing, healing, swelling… Though the eye is not actively infected right now, it needs to be removed to prevent this painful (and infection risky) cycle.

The total costs for these two procedures are $995. (See above pic. The “low estimate” in the above picture is for dental only, whereas the “high” includes enucleation or eye removal. I subtracted $77 from the final total because the “mass removal” is unnecessary, it’s just a small benign cyst.)

Between other bills and rent, $995 is a struggle for me, but I still want the surgery to happen so she can be more comfortable. Donations of ANY size would be deeply appreciated and help us out so much.


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I’ll make sure to update this post if I receive any donations, to let everyone know the new balance. Please signal boost if you can, and thank you so much!