gpoy when hamish and andy wasn't on for two weeks


mitchell: george, you wanna watch the real hustle?
george: i would really like that, mitchell. 
mitchell: it’s not on.
george: uh, yeah it is, it’s on at ten thirty.
mitchell: no, they’ve moved it. 
george: no, you’re kidding me.
mitchell: i don’t believe it.
george: i was looking forward to that.
mitchell: ten thirty. thursday. that’s real hustle time. a fucking child knows that. 
george: could i not just have one good thing in my life? 
mitchell: it just drives me insane when they move stuff around!
george: don’t i deserve it? don’t i deserve one bloody crumb of happiness?
mitchell: this is so – we’re supposed to check? every week? like we don’t have anything else to do? is it our responsibility? i mean – why is it down to us
george: i saw a preview. they were going to do a con about cash points.
mitchell: really? i would have loved that. you bastards!