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anonymous asked:

What is your absolute favorite piece of clothing? Why?

well, nonny, funny you should ask.

i’m a casual kid who doesn’t care much about fashion and hates shopping, so i kinda just end up with cozy hand me downs (or the occasional thrifted smushy sweater). i feel like ‘soft boy’ kinda fits my aesthetic without ever really trying, i just… sorta work from home and wear pjs and snuggle my cat and when i hang with friends i want to be cuddling. so…?

i wear the same 8 outfits all the time until something new comes along and then it gets heavy rotation. 

and - plot twist - my mother, who, god bless her, has no idea how to shop for me now that i’m more her son than her daughter, hit a bullseye this xmas by giving me “work clothes” ie, pjs, that are the softest things on the planet and exactly my aesthetic. 

especially this fucking hoodie, which has the softest fleecy lining of anything i’ve ever touched (i’m afraid to wash it and lose even an iota of cloudiness). 

so, yeah. brand spanking new favorite, but here it is: