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Sneak peek! Race pics are slowly trickling in, this is one of the few that have been uploaded already.

A couple of (fun) facts:

  • I have no recollection whatsoever of running through the Brandenburgertor in the back there.
  • I’m smiling, sorta. Or maybe it’s rigor mortis settling in.
  • My running form looks dreadful. Whatever, that’s mile 26 there, and I’m RUNNING. Who needs form.
  • My shorts are not too short, I’m just really tall. By the way, these shorts were a leaving present of my SoCal work buddies. Awesome.
  • Whoever told race photographers to shoot from the ground up should be jailed.
  • T-rex hands, rawr.

Some real-life blogging coming up…

My flat has three (massive, old) keys, no way they fit into that tiny key compartment in my trousers and I don’t like carrying a fanny pack or an arm band if it’s not absolutely necessary. So, what I do is wrap the keys up and stuff them into my bra - welcome triple boobs. This is quite handy (and attractive, no?). Do any of the ladies do this as well?


“Hey, good morning, dear neighbor! … Thank you, I’m fine. I just can’t handle going up the stairs yet. Fartlek, you know. … Oh, no, no, that’s not a disease. … Why I’m taking pictures of myself, you ask — Umm…”

It was worth the awkwardness, some of my favorite post-run pictures ever. I’ve even got a halo of no-sweat, reflective stitching, salt? The hotness, I’ll have to fend off suitors with a stick.

The last couple days haven’t been great, fighting via skype and being the arbiter of bad news at work. Don’t worry, it’s all fine. And anyway, life can’t be all rainbows and unicorns.

However, it can be bright lycra and double breakfast. I ran along the Thames this morning, a bit far for a regular workday but it sure made me feel better.

P.S. Phil lately suggested that I might qualify as modern art, maybe my hair needs to get even crazier for that though because Tate Modern didn’t let me in this morning. Phil, I love you, you always make me laugh. Why, oh why aren’t you coming to Berlin?

Full of energy, sharp as a tack, on the ball. Who needs more than 5 hours of sleep…

I went to the gym this morning. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a regular shirt, now I’m wearing the Berlin marathon shirt under my huge sweater. My other choice would have been a bathing suit. Maybe I should

  • pack my stuff in the evening,
  • actually go to sleep,
  • rethink the intensity of my weight sessions (no sweating, no good).

Can someone bring me a coffee, pretty please?


Sorry for both of these borderline gross pictures. But I need them as a reminder:

A) I’m in no shape yet to run 9 min miles on a long run, particularly on the first half.

B) Short toe nails.

I tend to block out the ugly truths of running. So, this is a reference for my future self. By the way, today’s run was fantastic despite my mishaps, I’ll show you prettier pictures later.


Hi there! I did go swimming after work. Only because I told you guys and my colleagues at work that I would. Accountability. Otherwise I’d never exercise in the evening.

But: Water’s wet, which is stupid if you don’t have a towel. To dry off a bit I stood around in the shower area for a while and took some pictures. My running tan lines are ridiculous, no hiding that in a bathing suit. Anyway, they are a nice reminder of all the miles I ran this summer and I’m proud of that. That’s also why I’m sharing these lines with the whole wide web.

Enjoy: Soaking wet, striped 007runner.