gpoy lulz


Alright kids, story time.

The first time I ever slapped face paint on my face was in early 2010. That’d be the first face you see, at the top of this post. The rest are a small sampling of the many, many faces I’ve done over the years since then, finishing off with today’s endeavour.

Ever since I got my hands on my first bit of face paint, I’ve been playing around with it all the time.

Yes, I’ve drawn and painted since I could hold a crayon, which has no doubt helped me when I moved on to a different canvas (read: my face), but even so - look at how shaky those first two faces are.

We all start somewhere. And then we practice and practice and practice, and somewhere along the way, we get pretty good at it!

Please don’t ever look at someone else’s work and say “I will never be that good, so I might as well give up now.” Never ever. They didn’t start out that good either. They worked their way there. So can you.