gpoy if there ever was one

A little boy sent me a charming card with a little drawing on it. I loved it. I answer all my children’s letters – sometimes very hastily – but this one I lingered over. I sent him a card and I drew a picture of a Wild Thing on it. I wrote, ‘Dear Jim: I loved your card.’ Then I got a letter back from his mother and she said: 'Jim loved your card so much he ate it.’ That to me was one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received. He didn’t care that it was an original Maurice Sendak drawing or anything. He saw it, he loved it, he ate it.
—  Maurice Sendak

I went shopping with a friend yesterday and in one store the girl behind the counter had the Tolkien symbol tattooed on her forearm

So I said: “Cool tattoo”
Her: “Thanks! Do you know what it’s from?”
Me: “Yeah from Tolkien”
Her: “Omg you’re the first person ever to recognize it. Are you a big fan?”
Me: *slowly pulls up my sleeve to uncover my own Tolkien tattoo*
Her: *gasps*

It was such an awesome thing to happen C:

Coming out...

Edit: Let me rephrase, it seems like i’ve only ever read coming out in fic as either Very Serious Business™ or overly sentimental. In my personal experience i’ve never sat down nervously or seriously and told people “i’m bisexual.” I’ve certainly not told people who are being openly homophobic but for friends and family it has always happened a lot more subtly for me I guess? I’ve been very lucky to have super accepting friends and family so it’s never been introduced in a way that’s a big deal. IKNOW that’s not universally true but it seems like it’s always written in that Very Serious Coming Out moment and it’d be nice to have a broader spectrum of how coming out can be so here’s some of the ways I’ve come out:

Bi Friend “Have you seen Kate McKinnon in the new ghostbuster?”

Me: “Omg yes! She’s so hot in that movie I want her to marry me! I’d rock that crop top-overall combo all day”


Mom (who knew i was bi before i did tbh XD) “No matter who you end up with, boy or girl, just invite me to the wedding please”

Me “omg, m o m


During a squad night with a mixed bag of sexual identities playing never have i ever: “Have you ever watched lesbian porn?”

Me *drinks*

Friends 👀 


(The only mildly negative one) Straight guy™ in my class “Why would you watch tv shows/movies just because they have gay characters even if they are bad?”


B I T C H  I M  G A Y

D O   F U C K I N G   N O T   S T R A I G H T Y M C S T R A I G H T E R S O N

Today in an otherwise conventionally decorated sushi restaurant i experienced the most overwhelmingly orange bathroom I’ve ever peed in: Twin Peaks style orange walls, door, floor AND ceiling. go big or go home when it comes to colour, I guess.

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1. Nicknames? Keku, Kex, Kiki, Chuchu

2. Gender? Queer Male

3. Star sign? Cancer

4. Height? 5'5"

5. Time? 1:15am. I’m at work. Yay.

6. Birthday? July 1st. Best day, ever.

7. Favorite bands? Holy Trinity: Armor For Sleep/The Birthday Massacre/M83, The One Above All: Beach House

8. Favorite solo artists? Björk/Tinashe/Lorde

9. Song stuck in my head? “Breathe" by Télépopmusik. Honestly, this song is so my aesthetic, it’s insane.

10. Last movie watched? It Comes At Night. Loved it, though there were definitely loose ends that need tidying up. But I love being left to think about what I just watched.

11. Last show watched? Drag Race season 7, with the BF. I wish we could just skip it it’s so boring.

12. When did I create my blog? Around 2010, but I’ve remade it once since.

13. What do I post? Things that are pretty, things that are gory, things that are funny, things that are against the norm, things that are nerdy.

14. Last thing I googled? Shining Force II art

15. Do you have other blogs? Three others. Heh

16. Do you get asks? Rarely. I’m already poor at interacting in person, it only gets worse online where I can turn it off at any moment, unintentionally or not.

17. Why did you choose your url? Ding-a-ling (chaos) is an ability birds in Chrono Trigger have. It was the name of my porn blog, now it’s just the name of my blog. Heh.

18. Following? 10,000

19. Followers? 5 or something.

20. Favorite colors? Mint, Mauve, Beige, Cherry Blossom. Pastels if I had to choose a blanket term.

21. Average hours of sleep? 7. I wish it were more.

22. Lucky number? 13, the luckiest number.

23. Instruments? The tuba when I was a kid. Now I just sing, poorly.

24. What am I wearing? Scrubs. Brown and green. And some old man shoes that are comfy as hell.

25. How many blankets I sleep with? Just a sheet. Blankets are too much.

26. Dream job? Working as lead developer for some game company making RPGs and fighting games. Someone who is tasked with rebooting the Shining Force or Soul Calibur series, or someone working to bring FFXI offline and into the modern era.

27. Dream trip? Europa, I want to see what’s under the ice. Or maybe a black hole, as long as I won’t be torn apart.

28. Favourite food? He'e luau. Easy.

29. Nationality? American.

30. Favorite song now? “Je Suis Le Vent” by Working For A Nuclear Free City.

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Today was productive. And I saw a good friend and caught up. She had really great news about her life and I’m stupidly happy for her. For real.

Also that’s my fortune cookie from tonight. And my brand new tv. It’s the first time I’ve ever actually owned one of my own. I never bothered to buy one before because whoever I was living with always had one or I just didn’t care when I lived alone. But I sort of want to get my own consoles soon and for that I need to not be reliant on my roomies tv. (Also I bought a flashback Atari thing so now I’m gonna go play Space Invaders.)


3/22 -Happy Birthday to the coolest, cutest, most awesome super hero guardian angel princess ever <3

If you’re seeing this, I am currently away at Anime Boston, so this is queued. Despite being away, I still had to post something for my favorite cutie face’s birthday <3

Mysterion picture taken by mistyautumn 
Princess Kenny picture taken by mista-barista 
The other two are gratuitous selfies~
All outfits made by me (except you know..the Kenny ones. Those I legit pulled from my closet haha)


Today was absolutely insane! We trekked through farmland and along a river to arrive at these crystal-blue, freshwater springs. The plants all around us were lush and untouched, the water was bloody freezing but I had to go in. Truly rejuvenating.

I would make the 10 kilometre trek every day if I lived here. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever been in my life.

You can follow the rest of my trip here