gpoy if there ever was one


fuckin late but here’s six photos from 2016, mostly snapchats (mid bottom by the ever wonderful iz). it’s been a real Year and i’m glad to see the back of it, but as i was going through my photo stream to find these it occurred to me that i had some pretty good shit happen to me as well. i moved out of home, i got a cat, i travelled, i finished uni, i became an aunt, i made new friends, and i think that overall, i’m probably in the best place i’ve been in for a while.  


Ever since I was a kid it had been a dream of mine to go to Disney World some day. I remember though we were going to when I was about 12, and my dad lost his job and we had to move across the country and that got put on hold permanently. This last year has been incredible and I’m so grateful to say one of my biggest bucket list items has been completed; I’ve finally gone! @whatwouldwaltdo is the best friend ever and was such a gracious host. I seriously cannot thank her enough. I feel so blessed to be at a stage in my life where the things I want I just go out and get them.I got to live out my dream and see everything Lion King related and meet every “Princess”. I have looked up to these female characters my whole life and their cast members were perfect. I want to thank them all for putting up with my selfie-galore. My personal favorites? Rapunzel (psh, duh), Merida, Tiana, Moana, and Pocahontas.


Today was absolutely insane! We trekked through farmland and along a river to arrive at these crystal-blue, freshwater springs. The plants all around us were lush and untouched, the water was bloody freezing but I had to go in. Truly rejuvenating.

I would make the 10 kilometre trek every day if I lived here. One of the most incredible places I’ve ever been in my life.

You can follow the rest of my trip here

Today’s been the day of 1000 pics of myself, but I don’t think this one’s ever made tumblr. So last one I promise, then I’ll leave some room for my ego to deflate


Cali chronicles// 4-27: I’ll start by saying fuck Ridley Scott for his casting choices and any movie he dropped after Exodus anyways one of my favorite movies of like ever has been Blade Runner from the music to the cinematography it all inspired me heavily. So to walk into the Bradbury building, the place they filmed Sebastian’s death in the movie was like stepping into a scene from my favorite movie- no wait…I did! It was wild, it felt timeless. Like I was in some place that floated outside reality and was instantly in love with it.

My boyfriend fucking SURPRISED me with a 27HD Cintiq yesterday and I stood around and cried for a while and worried him. Ignore the fact that this is an expensive fucking gift–this was one of the kindest, most shocking gifts I’ve ever gotten. He told me he got it for me because he believed in me and that he wanted me to be happy and make things. I don’t know how to repay him other than to do those things. 

It’s one thing to hear those sorts of things from friends, it’s another for some reason to hear it from someone you love who also happens to be an artist/animator that you really respect and admire, whose opinion you trust. I’m intimidated by this thing, but I’ll use it. He believes I can, anyway. 

Here’s a picture of him posing with the damn thing, making his best crazy Popeye winky face (I think he hates me taking photos of him so he pulls faces).  I’m going to make an alien dating sim with this man


I think probably this is the craziest and coolest gift i’ve ever got and thing that somebody has ever did for me. My boyfriend organising the walls for street artists in Camden Town, London. And I’m spending the summer in the US, and he wanted to show me how much he missed and loved me, so he asked one of his artist friends to make a piece about me on a huge wall in London. This is craaazy. I’m still like…. WHAAAAT? love him so much ❤️


Fat, kinky-haired, sensitive, and DARK-SKINNED. Somebody always had a reason to say something to or about me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ever the one complaining about getting too dark in the summertime. Why would I want to give the assholes yet another thing to say about me? 

BUT BEING DARK-SKINNED ISN’T A NEGATIVE THING. Learning to love myself meant all of my self. My dark skin, my even darker skin in that summertime glow, and everything else and saying fuck you to anyone who thought otherwise, why should it matter? My belly is full, my scalp is moisturized, and my pores are clear. So, #fuckyourpaperbag. I love me in all my hyphens.


Damn vimeo, can you keep my relationship a little more private please?