gpoy dog


I suppose the mark of a good, no…great vacation is it being bittersweet when it ends. There are so many things I could say about the trip and the people I shared it with and how much it (and they) meant to me…I’m still trying to figure out the words though. I am just grateful to have made the connections I have in the past several years and that I am able to blend together different aspects of my life. Which is a terrible-sounding description. Like I said…words. Suffice to say sometimes my life in Georgia and my life in Minnesota seem very removed from each other and pulling the two together is both surreal and wonderful.

It’s only been four years since I made the “official” move to Minnesota (although nearly nine since I first came up here) but already my dogyard in Georgia has fallen into disrepair. It shouldn’t get to me since my dogs are still with me and together we are living the dream up North but it still did get to me standing in the abandoned yard that I spent so much time in. There were a lot of dreams and ideas in that yard. There are good memories from when I was putting my team together and bad memories from when the place was my escape from what was happening in the world beyond my control. It’s a reminder of a chapter in my life that has closed and, although the current chapter is the best yet, I still remember everything that brought me to where I am today. I would work with my dogs in that oddball Southern sled dog kennel and dream of the future.

And today I’m on the edge of the Northern wilderness with a team of sweet, happy sled dogs and a kennel where I still work with dogs and dream.

The future, however, is now.