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@vallite-queen AND I CANT GET ENOUGH OF STAHL so heres a blush meme ft. precious cinnamon roll domestic boyfrienD AAHHH

Sorry for the Radio Silence

Basically I’ve been taking up longer shifts, my dad ended up moving in with me and my housemates, and on top of that I’m getting ready to move in less than a month now. 

If there’s any messages I haven’t gotten to I’m sorry, I’ve been basically communicating with like. Two people. Writing has been pretty much at a standstill as well as any other tasks that might threaten to break my already fragile sense of sanity.

I was tagged by @colinfirth​ to do this challenge thanks colin 

Name: Isabella

Nickname: Izzy (or Issy, depending on who you are), Izzy-Bee, Iz

Zodiac sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac sign: Tiger

Height: 5′6″? (Short, Stubby and Sad) 

Ethnicity: Australian-Italian

Orientation: Bisexual

Favourite fruit(s): Strawberry 

Favorite season: Spring/Autumn 

Favourite book(s): Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, War of the Worlds by H.G Wells, The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher & Silver Screen Fiend by Patton Oswalt.

Favourite animal(s): Pugs & Koalas

Favourite beverage(s): Midori and Lemonade, Goon (because I’m perpetually still 15 years old and experimenting with the only kind of alcohol available to us) & Diet Coke.

Average hours of sleep: Always either too little or too much. Either way I’m always exhausted, always napping. I’m never awake. 

Favourite fictional characters: My Ideal Self, Sansa Stark (GoT), Every Taron character, Jyn Erso (SW), Gannicus (Spartacus), Greg (Crazy Ex Girlfriend), Revan (SW: KotOR), Erlich Bachman (Silicon Valley). 

Blog created: Like, June/July 2010? 

Number of followers: 5,019 – my other blogs have way more, though.


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A couple of cheap dresses from Amazon showed up just before I left for work and I’m really happy with them!

The print one is so nice and full. The bottom part isn’t lined, unfortunately. It’s got a panel of elastic shirring in the back. I bought a small with that in mind, and it’s still a little big! It’s very boob-a-licious but that’s part of why I bought it. I’m wearing it with a petticoat for this photo but I don’t think it’s quite the right shape for this. (I have others, though.)

The lilac skater dress I bought because I already own that exact one in teal. I had to have it in lilac, too, of course. 💜



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