gpoy :((

Old pictures are surfacing as we get ready for grandma’s memorial service. 

They had color film in 1977, I’m pretty sure, so I don’t know why this has this Dust Bowl look to it. But here I am charging in from second, surely fixing to boot a slow roller, and upon finally picking it up, throw it forty feet over the first baseman’s head, turning a would-be easy out into a triple.

Further to that last post and also the long, possibly slightly incomprehensible lecture about John Singer Sargent I gave to a very amused and hopefully delighted @loveisofthebody​ when visiting the Art Institute, I just feel the need to express why aspiring to embody everything about Sargent and his portraits appeals to this femme dandy, androgynous-ish queer lady.

Basically: portraits of imperious women in frothy gowns, of women who give no fucks, of well-groomed men delighting in the luxuries of life, of girls who are daydreaming about kicking you in the shins, all painted by a dandyish confirmed bachelor, recognized as an exceptional talent while also being a striving, uncertain ex-pat with class issues and an affinity for both social outcasts and self-made socialites, all of which express the general instability of American national identity in the Gilded Age. What’s not to love?


oh. my. god. you guys. I had SUCH an amazing time at this live recording of The West Wing Weekly. Brad was such a treat and the friendly rivalry between Brad and Joshua reached peak levels of hilarious ridiculousness and Hrishikesh was an absolute treasure as always. 


 Brad throwing a fake hand at Joshua from off stage, Brad trying to do the splits (his body is flexible enough for it but his pants wouldn’t let him go all the way down), Hrishi’s “slide” (Brad and Joshua joining in), Brad taking a prat fall, Joshua’s intense Jewish Dad Humor™, Brad sticking a microphone in his mouth, Brad twisting like a goddamn pretzel on his seat, and a very very special surprise that the rest of you guys won’t be able to see until later this week (prepare yourselves, you guys will be losing. your. minds.) 

I laughed so hard and smiled so much that my face hurt by the end of it. We hung out in the lobby afterward for a short while in hopes of bumping into the guys and aaaaaahhhhh Joshua passed by us but we weren’t able to get a picture with him (however @andallthatmishigas was able to snap a picture of Josh as he made his way to his car). 

 Ugh, I’m more in love with my goober Brad than I was before haha 😍


Borrowed Prompto’s Camera for @ohayocon 2017!  Prince Selfie ran into a bunch of familiar faces at the con! :D  A lot of AWESOME FFXV cosplayers at the con! Thanks for the photos guys!  You all looked great!  If you see yourself, let me know and I’ll be sure to tag you on the post.  Great job on all your cosplays! :D