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  • aimee, 30, seacoast new hampshire; had this tumblr since january 2009
  • two dogs (truman burbank- a 7yr old yorkie we got as a wedding gift; and cody zissou- a three legged rescue pup we adopted a month ago; lost our previous dog, eleanor zissou, in 2015 when she was run over by a car)
  • married to my high school sweetheart, hayes, since september 2010. our wedding was in the backyard of my childhood home when we were both 23, after being engaged for a year and a half.. i bring this point up cos people comment on the fact that we were “so young” to get married. to be honest, at the time, i thought we were old! we had just graduated college after all, and had been together for 5 years. looking back, i’m like, holy fuck, we were babies. but hayes is my person, we were going to get married anyway, so the time frame didn’t matter. also, many assume we got married so young cos of a religious thing. nope. both raised catholic, but religion wasn’t for us. i think what it comes down to, is we just both wanted a really big party with all our favorite people in fancy clothes! 
  • love to travel, i have been to 45 of the 50 states (just need to get to new mexico, tennessee, alabama, alaska, hawaii), but hayes has been to 47 of the 50! lucky. we have traveled to iceland, norway, italy, san marino, guadeloupe, england, canada; our favorite city is Oslo. 
  • i was born in boston, but grew up in new hampshire since the age of two, and even though we have been to some wicked awesome places, i will never live anywhere else. i am obsessed with my home!
  • my favorite food is vinegar. i know, i know. but pickle anything and i will love it. sour though, not sweet.
  • vegetarian since 2009; but i do eat oysters that are from NH’s great bay
  • love bloody marys, i have one every sunday at our regular brunch spot
  • i didn’t really start drinking til like 24, but now i can drink anyone under the table; love upscale boxed red wine, but i will literally drink anything
  • i am thrifty as fuck. it annoys hayes how much money i save, like he just wants name brand oreos for once, hahaha.. but i love finding a good deal, and i always tell him: the more money we save now, the more we can travel! that’s how we go on multiple trips/year, i know how to penny pinch
  • also i have always called hayes by his last name since he moved to my town in 1999, hahaha 
Severe Head Trauma and Hockey

Look I don’t give two shits about Crocsby as a player, but as a person I need y’all to know how serious and permanent severe head trauma is.

This is very personal for me so bear with me, but I had someone in my life who was in a severe accident where he was backed into bodily by a semi and broke his neck. He’s able to walk and talk, but they had to fuse his neck together with a piece of his rib. While his mood was awful at first because he was in extreme pain, we noticed a definite shift in personality. I will some of the symptoms that they tell you about with severe head trauma and what that means for you and your loved ones.

-Forgetfulness; it often starts as minor things, but it becomes increasingly difficult for them to recall things. This can be a source of frustration as it makes the person extremely dependent. Any information (like from doctors) should also be given to their partner/care giver/health care proxy. These are the kinds of things you expect with diseases like dementia, but its really sad to see it in someone who’s only in their 30s/40s.

-Aggression; This was the biggest change we noticed. At first the snappiness seemed to be caused by the pain which was expected. As the pain became managed, however, his irritability was easy to trigger and often caused by his own forgetfulness. He would think that he had told one of the kids to do a chore, but had in fact not told them to do so and then get mad and yell at them for not doing what they were told. His filter was almost gone and he would say mean and hurtful things without thinking about it.

-Clarity; as his mood swung more aggressively, it became clear when he had moments of clarity. When he would be like his old self, reasonable, willing to talk, remember a few things. This man is in his mid-forties, he could easily have lived another forty years but I think this injury has shortened his lifespan considerable.

-Quality of life; because he could no longer work (he worked construction which is how he got injured) it changed his manor of life considerable. He loved motorcycles and four wheelers and can no longer use either. He was chair bound for months while he was recovering and had to use a feeding tube. His doctors said he’d have to have a feeding tube for the rest of his life, because he could no longer swallow properly (this is somewhat common amongst traumatic brain injuries). He eventually refused and had it removed. There are many foods he can no longer eat because they are choking hazards. He struggles daily to keep food down without choking. 

-Depression; despite how I feel about this person, I can’t help but feel pity. It is obvious that this injury dramatically changed his life and called into question his own mortality and I can’t imagine how he must feel. 

Despite this, my mother, little brother, and I have removed ourselves from his presence. His injury tore our family apart.

Do not wish head injury on person.

 Do no rejoice in the rest of person’s life being ruined.

 Do no be thankful for the potential abuses that may occur because of the trauma. 

Do not be thankful for the family and loved ones that will either suffer in silence or leave that person stranded. 

Do not cheer for the shell of a person that that traumatic brain injury leaves them in.

These are from my own personal experience with a family member with severe brain trauma and cases always differ. CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is common amongst professional contact sports and the culture of playing through head injury is a severely toxic one. Many of these symptoms are similar with people with CTE and they often get worse instead of better. Please please please do no make light of players being injured. It doesn’t just mean hell for the individual but also for all of the people around them.

Daily #1,625! This is why I generally don’t watch TV. Once you start, you can’t stop!

(And since I know someone will ask, I watched Adam Ruins Everything and we finished Castlevania.) 


Happy Purim, all! I am the butterfly princess. :)