Achievement Unlocked: Elevation Sickness!

Here we are at 9600 ft, headed up to 11,400 ft in a goddamn gondola to zip line on one of the biggest zip lines in the country. It was supposed to be a total of three lines, but we got rained out after the first (which was the longest anyway). It was a clusterfuck madhouse, and we were up there for HOURS!

After coming down the mountain, we were stuck in traffic in the town and I was so ill I said, “I need to get out.” So I did, right there in the street, and walked behind a building and barfed. The proprietor of this building must’ve thought me a drunk chick (can’t blame him), and when Josh came back to help me, he made him hose away my mess. 😕

I wish we had better pictures of the zip line. It was actually pretty amazing even if it was only like a minute long.


i styled my hair down for the first time since i got it cut and i kinda love it, also did a gold shimmery eye look and used a blending eyeliner technique that i haven’t used before so!!! i’m pretty proud of this look!! (they/them)