The people in this meeting don’t seem to appreciate the spirit of a stop drop selfie.

It’s a planning meeting for an upcoming project – a big, important, high visibility one.

Time was, I’d handle this type of thing and report back to my team on our role and responsibilities. Time was, I’d want to be in the thick of it; I’d want to be the one to figure out how the heck we’re going to make it work; figure out the best way to implement and execute. Time was…

But this time ‘round I’ve got one of my folks on it. They’re more than capable and I know it’ll be fine in their hands. It’ll be fine. They’re good people. (They’re paying attention while I futz around on my phone.) It’ll be fine.

I’m here to advocate for reality and calibrate expectations. Things I’ve gotten good at. Things this place taught me hard. Things this new crew hasn’t had to learn. Yet.

So when @voxtacular tags me for a stop drop selfie, yeah, I’ll bust out my phone mid-meeting. Watch.