Hi kids,

This is my last full week at Library Journal. I’m heading off to western Massachusetts to start my Masters of Fine Arts in fiction. (I bet you though I’d say library science—no, I’ve chosen a career even less lucrative.) While I’m heading out for the hills, that doesn’t mean the LJ Tumblr is: my colleagues are gonna keep it going strong (though there might be marginally less RuPaul gifs).

I’ll be around, officially, through the 9th. Afterwards, you can find me on Twitter, on my personal Tumblr, heading up The Rumblr, and co-editing the lit mag Route Nine.

I just want to thank each and everyone of you for reading and reblogging the LJ Tumblr, and for helping make up this bad ass community of Tumblarians. You all rock.

It has been so, so great getting to know you all.



I would like to present my successor, who will be taking up the LJ Tumblr around August 26: Liz French! Here’s what she has to say about herself:

I hail from Indiana, where it’s practically a law that you like basketball. I do like basketball, also watching old movies, collecting — and wearing — vintage clothing, reading voraciously (but of course!), and hanging out with my adorable rat terrier mix, Pitzi. Oh, and the boyfriend, Otto the artist.

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A World of New Titles: Editor’s Picks | BEA 2013

AND THE REAL EDITORS ARE? LJ’s Review editors logged many hours at BookExpo America searching for forthcoming titles that show the most promise for libraries and their patrons. Our avatars, on the cover of the July 2013 issue, got all the credit, however. Here are the editors in “person.” How many did you correctly identify? (Clockwise, from bottom left-hand corner): Bette-Lee Fox, Molly McArdle, Barbara Hoffert, Wilda Williams, Margaret Heilbrun, Annalisa Pesek (in pink), Stephanie Klose, Henrietta Thornton-Verma, and Mahnaz Dar.

An ALAMYFACE Introduction

Hello. Your LJ tumblrer, pictured above, is the person in the middle. (Erin “Laser Fingers” Shea, of Darien Library, is to my left; Henrietta Thornton-Verma, editor of the LJ Book Review, is to my right.) I may or may not be holding a white board if/when you see me, but yes my glasses are that big. My name is Molly. You can also find me on Twitter.

Here are places I will be during ALA:

I will have these things:

Also libbananas (but only at SET PHASERS TO INTERNET).

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Working from home today (thanks to the cold that won’t die) so you can see the view out my back window a lil bit and my Gunther Gebel-Williams pen holder. The Dear Sugar mug is full of green tea with lemon juice. Editing reviews for our February 1 issue!