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It’s clear that Giant Pacific Octopus is smart- Webster recalls a time she was feeding Cordelia, an octopus whose name means “daughter of the sea,” while giving a behind-the-scenes tour. “I went down to grab another piece of food, and there wasn’t any left,” she says. “She had it in her arms. She had figured out where I kept her bin, and she had reached in, grabbed it and pulled it back out. They’re very smart, very intelligent creatures, so I had to learn to move the bin around.” 📝: @nationalaquarium

So like, in case ye didn’t know, Ireland currently has a fucking awful homeless problem. I’m talking over 170,000 people without homes while we have over 400,000 empty houses

Now y'all know our boy Hozier, the son of a gun who loved churches?
Well he fuckin took over an apartment block with a bunch of homeless people and barricaded it from being retaken by the cops to protest
It wasn’t just him tho, there were other dudes too but I figure y'all would know him best

This little rebellion was probably the best tribute we had this year, 100 years since the occupation of the GPO in Dublin, to the 1916 Rising, to oust the British from our land

The government was NOT FUCKING HAPPY

Instead of being human beings, they wanted to forcibly remove these people, telling them to go to shelters which were offering fucking sleeping bags on the floor
Instead of letting them stay in the unused block that we, the people, technically own IF what I’ve heard about NAMA is true

Anyway, it was a huge deal, and led to more attempted occupations, and massive donations of food and necessities so big they had to tell people to stop because there was too much for everyone and it would go to waste

If anyone else has more intimate details pls add because this was a fucking awesome moment of people not taking the government’s shit in Ireland, which we have shamefully been doing for years and as a result we buttfucked our country into a state that would make the men of 1916 weep to see

Thing is, laws are man made. If a building is empty, and a person needs shelter, they should be allowed to walk in and sleep in a dry room. They’re not bothering anyone. They’re a person. I don’t care if they’re a drug addict, alcoholic, sex worker, what have you, if someone needs shelter the laws of man should protect them from the storm and not have them fucked into the rain by a cop forced to follow stupidity

Shelter is a basic fucking human right and it’s being denied to thousands of men, women, and children in a supposed First World country

I want to see more occupation, I want to see more rebellion in the name of the downtrodden and castouts

(Btw. The gov tried ignoring this for a bit, what were they doing? Well, while the protest grew they were singing Christmas carols instead of working)

kleeklutch  asked:

When you get this, respond with 5 things that make you happy. Then send anonymously(or not) to the last 10 people in your notifications :)

Thank you for sending this!!!!!  As you can see, I have used this to accomplish the nefarious task of posting cat photos.

Five things that make me happy.

1. My cat’s complete indifference to his vanquished enemies (he cannot stand any animal, stuffed or not).

2. How my cat is 3855595375838957579035839853297% done with me if I disturb his sleep despite my best efforts.

3.  How my cat is just 37434837563663237563784833584738% done with me in general.

4. How my cat sleeps with one paw in an explicable position.

5.  How my cat makes me feel bad that I don’t convert photos of him into black and white because he is a Dramatic Cat and B&W would most properly convey his Dramatic nature.

July 11, 1962, Telstar 1 is launched aboard a Thor-Delta rocket at Cape Canaveral. The first live television broadcasts, faxes, and phone calls were delivered through this satellite, ushering in an era of instantaneous data transmissions from all over the world. 

Telstar 1 and it’s nearly identical twin, Telstar 2, were developed in a multinational partnership between NASA, Bell, AT&T, National PTT and GPO (of France and the UK respectively). Telstar weighed 170 pounds, with a diameter of 35 inches, and was covered in solar panels to provide electricity. The size and design of the satellite was limited by the capabilities of the Thor-Delta. The instrumentation carried were simple transponders, requiring massive earth-based receivers to transmit the signals relayed by the satellites.

Telstar 1 would successfully prove telecommunications through satellites before experiencing failure in February 1963, due to increased radiation exposure caused by Cold War nuclear tests at high-altitudes, causing damage to the delicate transistors aboard the craft. Telstar 2 would launch in May of 1963. Subsequent Telstars would be launched in the 1980s and 90s, with the latest, Telstar 19V, scheduled to launch in 2018 on a SpaceX Falcon 9. These newer Telstar satellites are similar to the twins Telstar 1 and 2 in name only.

While not as sexy as the Mercury 7, or as memorable as Sputnik, Telstar 1 and 2 are seminal to the history of modern telecommunications, proving the concept of the communications satellites, without which, life as we are accustomed would not be possible. While non-functioning, both Telstar 1 and 2 continue to orbit the earth. A backup craft to Telstar 1 and 2 is on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. 

Also in 1962, The Tornados release an instrumental song that becomes the first UK single to reach #1 on the charts in the US. 


I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

🤓🐙🐶 #DidYouKnow octopuses have half a billion neurons throughout their bodies? This network of neurons make them about as smart as a dog! 🐙🦀 📽: Nature Video

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