Skye and I meeting for the first time, captured by hyenaboy.


2014 in six selfies! I actually really like the six I ended up with, because… wow, you can really see my year here, especially since they’re bookended by almost the same picture. And I still have no idea what the hell to do with my hair, but I doubt I ever really will, so. It’s been a very long year for me, and largely a pretty shitty one, to be blunt. But it’s been one of change and refinement, and I feel so much more confident a person now, so it can’t have been all bad, eh?

I’m not gonna tag people specifically, but if you are looking for justification to do this, you’re hereby tagged and now you have a perfect reason to share your lovely face with the world some more.


We sung Hide and Seek at our cabaret today. It was awesome. (Listen for my ambulance siren at the end.)