Problematic Men with Rapmon and Jackson

3. Here.

Mark: “Here,“ he whispered. You felt his arms above your head and then make their way around your neck. The necklace was placed on your chest. Mark clipped it behind your neck and moved the hair out of your face. He turned you around and was blown away at how beautiful it looked. “Amazing,” he said as he was speechless with a loss for words. You blushed and thanked him for his gift. “Anything for you,” he smiled.

JB: “Here,” he scoffed as he handed you the small bag he was holding. He looked over at your friend on the right and offered a smile that you knew was forced. “It seems like I won’t be needing this anymore,” Jaebum says as he walks backwards, still talking to you. “Nor will I be needing to be here anymore.” Before you had a chance to talk, he turned his back towards you and bid a short farewell wave.

Jackson: “Here!” he beamed. You turned around and he quickly put on one of his red snapbacks on top of your head. He looked at you and adjusted accordingly before moving back and smiling. “Now we match!” he grinned from ear to ear as he put on a duplicate red snapback on his head. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it enthusiastically. “Now we’ll be the cutest couple on the block!”

Jr: “Here,” he quietly said as he looked around to make sure nobody was watching. Adjusting his glasses, he passed you the test book answers from his backpack into your hands. “Make sure nobody knows,” he continues as he closes his backpack. You thanked him as he brought his finger to your lips. “It’s no problem,” he responded while still being cautious. “You can thank me later on that date on Saturday.”

Youngjae: “Here,” he muttered. His eyes were averted as he handed you a gift bag from one of your favourite stores. You thanked him as he continued to avoid eye contact with you. “Open the bag,” he coughed as he put his hands in his pocket. A bit curious, you opened the bag and gasped in surprise. It was that dress you were eyeing earlier. “I thought it would look nice on you,” he nervously laughed, “so I bought it for you.”

Bam Bam: “Here!” he shouted as he waved his hands in the air. You turned around and saw him as he motioned you to come over. You walked over to him and he greeted you with a wave and a hug. He looked out onto the scenary and took in the fresh air and the amazing view of the park from the top of the hill. “I’m glad you made it,” he said in a pleased manner. He motioned you to sit next to him as he brought out the pack lunch he prepared.

Yoogyeom: “Here,” he softly spoke as he tilted your chin up. Looking up, he held out a tissue for you. You tried to calm yourself and the tears rolling down your cheeks. He sat next to you as you wiped your face and your eyes. While doing so, he placed a box of tissues in between the two of you. “Just in case,” he smiled. You smiled back at him, knowing that you at least have him during times of trouble.

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how would each of GOT7 react if you both were walking on the streets but some guy bumped into you and started yelling at you for not looking where you are going

Mark: Would pull you close to his body and tell you to ignore him. “You didn’t do anything wrong. He clearly saw we were walking towards him, he could’ve moved. Idiot” he’d grumble as he drags you away.

JB: “Why don’t you watch where you’re going” JB would get all up in the guy’s face. JB would more defensive that he dare talk to you, a lady, like that. The guy would just scan JB before scoffing and walking away.

Jackson: “Hey, don’t talk to her like that. Who do you think you are?” Jackson would get heated, shielding your body with his. “If you’re gonna pick on someone, pick on someone your own size” he’d threaten. You’d have to drag him away begging him not to start a fight.

Jr.: Would glare daggers at the guy as you both walk away, “Asshole…” he’d mutter under his breath, still giving him a dirty look as he keeps a hand on your lower back. “Get lost, prick” he’d mumble in the guy’s direction.

Youngjae: He’d look at the guy like he was pathetic before taking your hand and pulling you away from the situation. “What a moron, he was the one not watching where he was going” he’d roll his eyes.

Bambam: Would stand between you two. “Whoa, don’t yell at her. It was my mistake, I pushed her in that direction” he’d defend you. He’d motion for you to walk off and he’d quickly follow behind, making sure that guy doesn’t bother you anymore.

Yugyeom: Would get more defensive and try to intimidate the guy. “Hey. Watch how you’re talking to my girl” he’d puff his chest. He’d glare at the guy as you both walk away, “Pathetic” he’d grumble under his breath still looking at him.


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