Shoutout to the people who are traumatized by an event that didn’t bother them at first
By something that they didn’t realize hurt them
By something that happened when they were young and naive and didn’t know what to do so they forced the memory out of their head
By something that only started affecting them recently
You are valid and I love you


I just went through all of the G tags, curious if you had left anything for me. 

I found several that could have been you. 

I’m not sure why I’m such a masochist when it comes to you. It’s like I enjoy the pain of you not speaking to me. 

I don’t. I miss you. I really do. 

To a certain extent, I wish that you weren’t getting married to him. 


Echo of Joy ✿

(yeah, she put the flower in his eyehole cuz she’s such a cute dorky rotfl)
((man I adore their bond ahh ahhhhhh))

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fanart by me
Undertale by Toby Fox
Echotale AU by @yoralim