Team USA Commentary Roundup!

In honor of Independence Day, here’s a listing of all my commentary videos for Team USA!

A Short Incursion Into Alternate Hadoop Filesystems

Steve Loughran starts with a critical look at Netapp Open solution for Hadoop paper:

Actually it is weirder than I first thought. This is still HDFS, just running on more expensive hardware. You get the (current) HDFS limitations: no native filesystem mounting, a namenode to care about, security on a par with NFS, without the cost savings of pure-SATA-no-licensing-fees. Instead you have to use RAID everywhere, which not only bumps up your cost of storage, puts you at risk of RAID controller failure and errors in the OS drivers for those controller (hence their strict rules about which Linux releases to trust). If you do follow their recommendations and rely on hardware for data integrity, you’ve cut down the probability of node-local job execution, so all FUD about replication traffic is now moot as at least 1/3 more of your tasks will be running remote -possibly even with the Fair Scheduler, which waits for a bit to see if a local slot becomes free. What they are doing then is adding some HA hardware underneath a filesystem that is designed to give strong availability out of medium availability hardware. I have seen such a design before, and thought it sucked then too.  Information week says this is a response to EMC, but it looks more like NetApp’s strategy to stay relevant, and Cloudera are partnering with them as NetApp offered them money and if it sells into more “enterprise customers” then why not? With the extra hardware costs of NetApp the cloudera licenses will look better value, and clearly both NetApp and their customers are in need of the hand-holding that Cloudera can offer.

Then in a follow up post, he looks at a couple of alternatives (Lustre, GPFS, IBRIX, etc):

I’m not against running MapReduce—or the entire Hadoop stack—against alternate filesystems. There are some good cases where it makes sense. Other filesystems offer security, NFS mounting, the ability to be used by other applications and other features. HDFS is designed to scale well on “commodity” hardware, (where servers containing Xeon E5 series parts with 64GB RAM, 10GbE and 8-12 SFF HDDs are considered a subset of “commodity”).

Original title and link: A Short Incursion Into Alternate Hadoop Filesystems (NoSQL database©myNoSQL)


In this video Colin McMcMurtrie from the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing shows how to run the IBM General Purpose Filesystem (GPFS) over Obsidian.

JSF published the criteria for Worlds Championship 2016 entry next season.

Men (2 slot available):
1)One slot is automatically given to 1st place in Japan Nationals.
2)The second slot is given to the skater that fulfils one of the following criteria:
a) 2nd/3rd place in Japan Nationals
b) Participated in Grand Prix Final
c) Hold one of the top 3 season best scores in world ranking (15-16 season) after Japan Nationals

Ladies (3 slots available):
1)One slot is automatically given to 1st place in Japan Nationals.
2)The second slot is given to the skater that fulfills one of the following criteria:
a) 2nd/3rd place in Japan Nationals
b) Place at higher rank in Grand Prix Final (excluding the champion of Japan Nationals)
3) The third slot is given to the skater that fulfills one of the following criteria:
c) fulfils a) or b) AND placed 4th ~ 6th place in Japan Nationals
d) Hold one of the top 3 season best scores in world ranking (15-16 season) after Japan Nationals


2014 GPF Barcelona - Julia Lipnitskaia SP (Megapolis)


Canadian ice dance x red

Happy Canada Day!

triple-axel said: Hanyu for sure. Patrick Chan doesn’t stand a chance. Yuzuru’s improved so greatly, and there’s no way Patrick will beat the quad in the second half. He may beat him with PCS (I doubt it but maybe), but Yuzu has him technically, as usual.

Hmm, I don’t know about that… I expect it to be close between them, and I’m not sure who’ll be first. Maybe, like, one of them wins the GPF, the other one wins the 4CC and then whoever’s cleaner wins Worlds. I’m curious about this rivalry but I reaaally doubt Patrick “doesn’t stand a chance”. He does, big time. If he wins all most important events next season - I won’t be surprised in the slightest.

It’ll also be very interesting to see where everyone else stand in this situation - Fernandez, Ten et al.

Yes, it took THIS long before the major time travel stuff. In a Homestuck fan fic.

“Hey hey hey motherfucker, It’s fat Albert.” “How did you afford that shit?” “Just making a little ‘truce’ to build a hot air balloon with a 'fight’ that has the promise that the winner takes the balloon.”

(Yeah that image is supposed to be of the Time Screwer, and the hands on the clock are supposed to be pointing to about 6:16.)

Chapter 21 is out!

Once again I don’t really have anything to say about the chapter itself and I half-assed the image, so let me say something that might be a bit controversal. But hey, if you’ve made it this far into HHC (basically the final boss of my writing as it stands) where it regularly kinda insults a lot of things, this is probably nothing:

I think I’ve been kinda turning HHC into what I’ve feel is a nail-on with the problems I have with recent Adventure Time. I mean, I’d still watch it if there’s a new episode because hey I often find myself needing to kill off quarter-hours and find ways to procrastinate my writing, but it’s still… lacking. In the post for chapter 19 I basically said that I don’t like it should some serious that previously had good emotional-related character development and a nicely fleshed out world would sacrifice things like that in favor for trying to make “the most overpowered asshole villain ever.” Obviously that isn’t my problem with Adventure Time since it’s not even an issue, it still has a large world and as of the end of season six there doesn’t seem to be a real “Lord English” of the story where we’re being repeatedly hyped about an antagonist I have very little care for. I feel like its main fault is that’s bad at taking itself seriously (while Steven Universe, on the other hand, absolutely accels with this). Even back in that Mortal-Recoil two parter thing with the Lich (I’m typing this almost completely out of memory here, not looking up the titles right this moment) I found that to be one of the weaker earlier episodes because throughout most of it I found it boring. I can’t really explain why off the top of my head nor do I even feel like trying to right now since I’d just like to get all the HHC-related stuff out of the way during these publish days, so I’ll skip over that point entirely and just get to why HHC is sorta going off that. Basically I feel that while there is a large and linking plot within AT getting the pieces for it often involves a considerably less interesting episode, especially those that are centered around one or two-dimensional nobodies that aren’t made too interesting. And HHC is now kinda been pushed to go in a similar direction: There will be an extremely large and complicated creation myth, but not one worth getting through all the lines and lines of text and relationship drama between John, Jade, and I guess Rose or others to reach it.

I don’t know. I’ll think of looking this over and reorganizing my thoughts a bit to make this more conherant.













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