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So what is it?

ARENA 2080 is the future of gaming. In the 2080’s virtual reality technology is very popular, but the hardware is prohibitively expensive. This has led to the second rising of video arcades. You play the role of Johnny, actually PLAYING THE GAME.

So what is it, really?

ARENA 2080 is a never-ending wave-driven arena fighter where killing three enemies of a colour in a row charges a special attack. This special attack is only effective against one of the three other colours. By picking and choosing which enemies to target in which order, you can maximise your killing potential!

A collaboration between me and bnhw (twitter) for GPCv16. Let me know what you think!

Work work work....

So it’s been a while since I updated. I have just been fine tuning my GPCv16 game to make it more worthwhile experience and streamline the production so that making levels is super simple to do.

Also, I’ve been playing around with Game Maker: Studio ( and seeing how useful that could be entering contest in the future. I really like the old SNES/Mega Drive vibe it gives games and a 2D engine is better for making 2D games. If I'm proficient enough in it I want to enter the 7DRL( using it.


Our first playthrough video!

GPC Day 2/3/4/5/6

So I was planning on updating this once a day with my progress, but sometimes life happens.

Anyway, I've progressed my game to the point where I’ve added the main mechanic, added the jump mechanic, have the nodes randomise each time the player starts a race, some basic timers and a win condition. Only need to make the gameplay a bit tighter and could be a fun little game to explore down the road.

While I don’t know if I’ll keep going with this project, the learning experience involved with taking on a task like this is amazing. I’ve probably doubled my knowledge of Unity now and that will be useful to take back to my previous project.

The competition itself closes on Monday (Tuesday afternoonish in Australia), so I’ll post my final game up then.

GPC Day 1

Today is the first day for the Game Prototype Challenge. After seeing the themes provided by the team, I came up with an idea for creating a racing game, where the player goes along a line and must absorb their colour block to increase speed.

Currently I’ve created a track which moves the player along the nodes and as they hit them, it increases the players speed


Tomorrow I’ll be working on the colour speed mechanic, and well and moving in the camera to follow the player along the track.