GP Calgary was an absolutely incredible experience. We can’t thank all of you enough for your support and for making the weekend so memorable. We can’t wait for Grand Prix Toronto at the end of November; we promise that we’ll outdo ourselves in several ways during the last Canadian Grand Prix of the year!

Some highlights from the weekend:

- As the Grand Prix was in Calgary, there were many local Canadian players who were attending their first ever Grand Prix. I think everyone did an amazing job at making it a great first experience for them!

- Eh Team members Jay Boosh and Scotty Mac were running around all weekend handing out life pads, pens, tokens, doing signings, and generally causing trouble (and having tons of fun)!

- Tons of players attended the Mana Deprived karaoke party on Saturday night, and we had a blast!

- The Loading, Ready, Run crew was in attendance all weekend shooting footage for a new MTG ‪‬ short. They even came out to the karaoke party! Keep your eyes peeled for their newest episode (they got Alex Hayne involved at one point)! Check them out here:

- Ante League ‪‬ was a huge success! Just ask Jay Boosh.

For full coverage of the Grand Prix, click here:

Don’t forget to tune into the next Eh Team episode! We’re sure that Scott and Jay will have some hilarious stories from this weekend!

Lastly, a huge congratulations to our very own Alex Hayne for taking down the Grand Prix! Look at that cowboy hat!